1887 Canton Roster

Ohio State League (OSL)
Team Record: 22-14
in the OSL
Manager: H. H. Kerr (0-0), William Zecher (0-0)
Location: Canton, Ohio
Ballpark: Mahaffey Park

1887 Canton Statistics

The Canton of the Ohio State League ended the 1887 season with a record of 22 wins and 14 losses, in the OSL.Canton entered the league August 4. H. H. Kerr and William Zecher served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BausewineMarch 22, 18696'2"207Philadelphia, PA US
William Wood
Jake VirtueSLMarch 2, 18655'9"165Philadelphia, PA US
Joseph Sharpe
W. Sanders
Ben SandersRRFebruary 16, 18656'0"210Catharpin, VA US
Gus Hoeneman
Alexander DonoghueLDecember 9, 18635'8"165Altoona, PA US
Bill DelaneyRRMarch 5, 18635'10"170Cincinnati, OH US
Steve BrodieLRSeptember 11, 18685'11"180Warrenton, VA US
George Blackstock
William ZecherAugust 23, 1861

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