1981 Charleston Charlies Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 67-72
Finished 5th in the IL
Manager: Cal Emery (0-0), Frank Lucchesi (0-0)
Affiliation: Cleveland Indians
Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Ballpark: Watt Powell Stadium
Attendance: 99,537, Avg. 1,432
1981 Charleston Charlies Statistics

The Charleston Charlies of the International League ended the 1981 season with a record of 67 wins and 72 losses, finishing fifth in the IL.

The Charlies plated 638 runs and allowed 630 runs. Karl Pagel paced Charleston with 20 home runs Von Hayes recorded 73 runs batted in and topped batters with significant playing time by connecting at a .314 clip. Tom Brennan led the squad with 11 wins and a team-best 3.92 ERA, leading qualifying pitchers.

Members of the 1981 Charleston Charlies who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Joe Charboneau, Mike Paxton, Lenny Faedo, Tom Brennan, Glenn Borgmann, Larry Littleton, Chris Bando, Von Hayes, Bobby Cuellar, Ross Grimsley, Sandy Wihtol, Mike Fischlin, Ron Pruitt, Eric Wilkins, Don Collins, Karl Pagel, Jim Lentine, Bud Anderson, Rod Craig, Odie Davis, Ed Glynn and Bob Lacey.

Cal Emery and Frank Lucchesi served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bud AndersonRRMay 27, 19566'3"210Westbury, NY US
Ricky BakerSRJanuary 31, 19585'9"160St. Louis, MO US
Chris BandoSRFebruary 4, 19566'0"195Cleveland, OH US
Ken BartonSROctober 22, 19555'11"170San Diego, CA US
Glenn BorgmannRRMay 25, 19506'4"210Paterson, NJ US
Tom BrennanRROctober 30, 19526'1"180Chicago, IL US
Mike BucciRRJuly 5, 19535'11"180Reading, PA US
Joe CharboneauRRJune 17, 19556'2"205Belvidere, IL US
Don CollinsRLSeptember 15, 19526'2"195Lyons, GA US
Rod CraigSRJanuary 12, 19586'1"195Los Angeles, CA US
Bobby CuellarRRAugust 20, 19525'11"188Alice, TX US
Odie DavisRRAugust 13, 19556'1"178San Antonio, TX US
Lenny FaedoRRMay 13, 19606'0"170Tampa, FL US
Mike FischlinRRSeptember 13, 19556'1"165Sacramento, CA US
Robin FusonRRJuly 22, 19586'1"180Coral Gables, FL US
Vassie GardnerRRSeptember 17, 19556'2"175Los Angeles, CA US
Gordy GlaserRRNovember 19, 19576'5"185Baton Rouge, LA US
Ed GlynnRLJune 3, 19536'2"180New York, NY US
Ross GrimsleyLLJanuary 7, 19506'3"195Topeka, KS US
Von HayesLRAugust 31, 19586'5"185Stockton, CA US
Larry HrynkoRRNovember 9, 19576'3"200Chicago, IL US
Bob LaceyRLAugust 25, 19536'5"210Fredericksburg, VA US
Jim LentineRRJuly 16, 19546'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Larry LittletonRRApril 3, 19546'1"185Charlotte, NC US
Angelo LoGrandeRRDecember 4, 19576'4"207San Pedro, CA US
Tim NorridLRFebruary 8, 19556'2"190Ripley, TN US
Jack NuismerRRSeptember 20, 19576'2"185Nashville, TN US
Karl PagelLLMarch 29, 19556'2"188Madison, WI US
Mike PaxtonRRSeptember 3, 19535'11"190Memphis, TN US
Rob PietroburgoSLJanuary 1, 19576'2"180Columbia, MO US
Ron PruittRROctober 21, 19516'0"185Flint, MI US
Nate PuryearRRJuly 30, 19546'4"205Biloxi, MS US
Sandy WihtolRRJune 1, 19556'1"195Palo Alto, CA US
Eric WilkinsRRDecember 9, 19566'1"190St. Louis, MO US

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