1948 Chicago Colleens Roster

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) - Class: Womens
Team Record: 47-77
Finished 5th in the AAGPBL
Manager: Dave Bancroft (47-77)
Location: Chicago, Illinois

1948 Chicago Colleens Statistics

The Chicago Colleens of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League ended the 1948 season with a record of 47 wins and 77 losses, finishing fifth in the AAGPBL.

Dave Bancroft served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charlene BarnettRRMarch 13, 1928Elgin, IL
Rita BriggsRLMarch 27, 1929Ayer, MA
Eleanor CallowRSAugust 8, 1927Winnipeg, MB
Donna CookLRMay 24, 1928Muskegon, MI
Mirtha FernandezRRNovember 21, 1930Havana, Cuba
Beulah Anne GeorgesRRMay 10, 1923Columbus, OH
Dorothy Healy
Betty HillRRMay 1, 1927Los Angeles, CA
Migdalia JinrightRRHavana, Cuba
Josephine KabickRRMarch 27, 1922Detroit, MI
Dolly KonwinskiRRMay 27, 1931Chicago, IL
Marie Eileen LockhartLRMarch 25, 1928Wollaston, MA
Theda MarshallRRApril 24, 1925Denver, CO
Naomi MeierRRNovember 17, 1926Ft. Wayne, IN
Marilyn OlingerRRJune 7, 1928Columbus, OH
Ernestine PetrasRRSeptember 17, 1922Haskell, NJ
Marjorie PieperRRAugust 2, 1922Ann Arbor, MI
Dorice ReidRRFebruary 26, 1929Superior, WI
Jenny RomatowskiRRSeptember 13, 1927Wyandotte, MI
Jacquelyn SavageRRNovember 11, 1926Lansing, MI
Twila ShivelyRRMarch 20, 1922Chicago, IL
Doris TetzlaffRRJanuary 1, 1921Watertown, WI
Eulah Elizabeth TuckerRRJanuary 28, 1924Detroit, MI
Kathryn VonderauRRSeptember 26, 1927Fort Wayne, IN
Nancy WarrenRRJune 13, 1921Springfield, OH
Betty WhitingRRJuly 21, 1925Ida, MI
Dolores WilsonLRDecember 17, 1928Stockton, CA

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