1939 Clinton Giants Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 63-58
5th in the IIIL
Manager: Blondy Ryan (63-58)
Affiliation: New York Giants
Location: Clinton, Iowa
Ballpark: Alliant Energy Field
Attendance: 41,712, Avg. 689
1939 Clinton Giants Statistics

The Clinton Giants of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1939 season with a record of 63 wins and 58 losses, fifth in the IIIL.

Blondy Ryan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Herb AndersonSRJuly 11, 19146'1"185Chatsworth, NJ US
Jim McCarthyRRJune 2, 19146'2"182, CA
Austin McGeeRR6'0"175Memphis, TN US
John MeketiSR6'2"200Erie, PA US
Floyd PerrymanSR5'10"174
Fred PriceLAugust 19, 19176'0"180Oneonta, NY US
Mendel RamseyRR5'10"175Gaffney, SC US
Americo RossomondoR5'11"180
Ed SheehanRAugust 21, 19156'0"190West Haven, Ct US
William SmithRR6'0"190
John ToncoffRRMay 12, 19125'10"160Madison, IL US
Joseph LuberRR5'11"175
John KellyRR6'0"170Hartford, CT US
Jack AragonRRNovember 20, 19155'10"176La Habana, La Habana CU
Ralph Benzenberg
Anthony BlackLMarch 5, 19166'0"160Mineral Bluff, GA US
Vic BradfordRRMarch 5, 19156'2"190Brownsville, TN US
Daniel BrainardRR6'6"210Pisgah Forrest, NC US
Rube FischerRRSeptember 19, 19166'4"190Carlock, SD US
Oscar GeorgyRRNovember 25, 19166'3"180New Orleans, LA US
Sid GordonRRAugust 13, 19175'10"185Brooklyn, NY US
Tom GormanRLMarch 16, 19196'2"200New York, NY US
Goldie HowardRRJune 2, 19135'9"195Crane, MO US
Linville WatkinsRRNovember 17, 19115'9"165Henderson, NC US

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