1955 Charlotte Hornets Roster

South Atlantic League (SAL) - Class: A
Team Record: 54-86
8th in the SAL
Manager: Jimmy Bloodworth (54-86)
Affiliation: Washington Senators
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Ballpark: Clark Griffith Park
Attendance: 87,788, Avg. 1,254
1955 Charlotte Hornets Statistics

The Charlotte Hornets of the South Atlantic League ended the 1955 season with a record of 54 wins and 86 losses, eighth in the SAL.

The Hornets scored 491 runs, worst in the league, and surrendered 633 runs. John Grice led hitters with significant playing time by connecting at a .292 clip. Webbo Clarke topped Charlotte with 16 wins, while Ralph Groves recorded a 2.9 ERA, best among hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Members of the 1955 Charlotte Hornets who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Ossie Alvarez, Jimmy Bloodworth, Webbo Clarke, Roy Dietzel, Steve Korcheck, Jesse Levan, Dan Lewandowski, Bob Oldis, Dan Porter, Tony Roig and Jose Valdivielso.

Jimmy Bloodworth served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Neal ZimmermanRR6'3"190
John O'LariRSeptember 25, 19275'10"200
Jose NakamuraLLJuly 28, 19285'9"140Central Las Villas, CU
Meredith MurrayRR6'4"180
Luis MoralesRRNovember 3, 19285'9"150Banes, CU
Peter MeachiniR6'0"170
Robert LudwickRLApril 24, 19286'0"160West Chester, PA US
Jose LopezRR6'1"195
Dan LewandowskiRRJanuary 6, 19286'0"180Buffalo, NY US
Jesse LevanLRJuly 15, 19266'0"172Reading, PA US
Mike KvasnakRRJune 29, 19316'0"180
Bob OldisRRJanuary 5, 19286'1"185Preston, IA US
Dean PadgettL6'2"183
Eusebio PerezLRDecember 16, 19255'11"155Niquero, CU
Howard WiseSL5'10"188
Juan VistuerLL6'0"180
Jose ValdivielsoRRMay 22, 19346'1"175Matanzas, Matanzas CU
William TreeceLRMarch 17, 19225'10"185
Omer TolsonRJuly 25, 19266'1"215
Tony RoigRRDecember 23, 19286'1"180New Orleans, LA US
Tony RaccugliaSeptember 4, 1933
Dan PorterLLOctober 17, 19316'0"164Decatur, IL US
Kent PflastererR5'10"180
Modesto PerezR6'0"175
Steve KorcheckRRAugust 11, 19326'1"205McClellandtown, PA US
Mel KerestesR6'1"165
Jimmie JarrettLR6'1"168
Arnold DavisR6'0"190
Alejandro CrespoRRFebruary 26, 19156'1"206Guira de Melena, CU
Jim CrawfordRSeptember 1, 19336'0"175Springfield, IL US
Frank ColasinskiRApril 4, 19285'10"175
Webbo ClarkeLLJune 8, 19286'0"165Colon, Colon PA
Lawrence ClarkRRMay 31, 19296'0"170Newark, NJ US
Douglas ClarkRR5'11"185
Jimmy BloodworthRRJuly 26, 19175'11"180Tallahassee, FL US
William BarkleyRR6'1"188
Allen BarbeeR5'11"190
Mike DayneLLJanuary 25, 19256'0"180Kelstern, SK CA
Roy DietzelRRJanuary 9, 19316'0"190Baltimore, MD US
Carlos EspinozaR5'10"150
John IsaacLL6'0"157
Mike IlitchRJuly 20, 19295'9"160
Bill HogartyLJuly 6, 19326'0"175
Fran HausRRDecember 15, 19276'0"185
Ralph GrovesRRSeptember 1, 19326'1"170
John GriceRRMarch 15, 19245'11"180
Roger FrebelRR6'1"185
Levi FleshmanRROctober 20, 19306'4"208Hyattsville, MD US
James FinnR6'1"195
Phil FineganLLAugust 17, 19336'2"190Chickasha, OK US
Ossie AlvarezRROctober 19, 19335'10"165Bolondron, CU

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