1969 Clinton Pilots Roster

Midwest League (MWL) - Class: A
Team Record: 72-51
2nd in the MWL
Manager: Sibby Sisti (0-0), Karl Kuehl (0-0), Tommy Giordano (0-0)
Affiliation: Seattle Pilots
Location: Clinton, Iowa
Ballpark: Alliant Energy Field
Attendance: 59,430, Avg. 966
1969 Clinton Pilots Statistics

The Clinton Pilots of the Midwest League ended the 1969 season with a record of 72 wins and 51 losses, second in the MWL. The team scored 493 runs, while allowing 435 runs. Sibby Sisti, Karl Kuehl and Tommy Giordano served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Domingo ApellanizRRMay 19, 19485'11"160Catano, PR
Ray PetersRRAugust 27, 19466'5"210Buffalo, NY US
Larry PickettRR6'2"185
Dave RenkiewiczRR6'3"190
Jose RodriguezRR6'0"180
Jose SaladoRR5'10"160
Tom SaunchesLR5'8"165
Jim SlatonRRJune 19, 19506'0"185Long Beach, CA US
Nelson StraleyRRSeptember 2, 19495'11"175Fontana, CA US
Albert StraneRR5'11"160
Alvin StraneRR
Wayne SullivanRR6'1"180
Ralph SwainRR6'4"200
Dave TallmanRR6'1"190
Gary TimberlakeRLAugust 9, 19486'2"205Laconia, IN US
Darvin TraylorRR6'1"178
Carlos VelazquezRRMarch 22, 19485'11"180Loiza, PR
Bill ParsonsRRAugust 17, 19486'6"195Riverside, CA US
Ted OwensRR5'10"185
Mike MorelliRR5'8"178
Rick AuerbachRRFebruary 15, 19506'0"165Woodland Hills, CA US
Larry BrightRR6'2"175
Miguel FuentesRRMay 10, 19466'0"160Loiza Aldea, PR
Pedro GarciaRRApril 17, 19505'10"175Guayama, PR
Nelson GibsonRROctober 1, 19466'3"180Hartsville, SC US
Fernando GonzalezRRJune 19, 19505'10"165Arecibo, PR
Gary HollandRRMarch 23, 19466'0"185
Wilbur HowardSRJanuary 8, 19496'2"170Lowell, NC US
Steve JonesRROctober 15, 19466'0"195
Milton JordanRR5'11"180
Tom KellyLLAugust 15, 19505'11"188Graceville, MN US
Frank KimballRR6'2"205
Ron KotickRRJanuary 16, 19456'0"165
Charles MalitzLL6'0"180
Bob MatulichRR6'1"185
Odis McCowanRL5'10"168
Wayne VincentLL5'9"175

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