1928 Canton Terriers Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 43-90
6th in the CL
Manager: Joe Agler (0-0), Dan O'Leary (0-0)
Location: Canton, Ohio
Ballpark: Lakeside Park
Attendance: 39,395, Avg. 592
1928 Canton Terriers Statistics

The Canton Terriers of the Central League ended the 1928 season with a record of 43 wins and 90 losses, sixth in the CL.

Joe Agler and Dan O'Leary served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe AglerLLJune 12, 18875'11"165Coshocton, OH US
Mollie Mies
Lloyd Miller
Parke Miller
John O'ConnellRRJune 13, 19046'0"170Verona, PA US
Dan OberholzerOctober 8, 1905, PA US
Jesse Runser
Patrick Stamey
James Sweeney
Pete ThompsonAugust 20, 1904Los Angeles, CA US
Ralph McCollister
Ollie MarquardtRRSeptember 22, 19025'9"156Toledo, OH US
Bert Ashley
Frank Brozovich
Warwick ComstockSJune 30, 18955'10"165New Orleans, LA US
Earl FeigertMarch 8, 1902
Harry FishbaughSeptember 9, 1902, OH US
Lefty Gantz
Lee KingRRDecember 26, 18925'8"160Hundred, WV US
Gene LaydenLLMarch 14, 18945'10"160Pittsburgh, PA US
Wally Marks
Biff WysongLLApril 13, 19056'3"195Clarksville, OH US

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