1984 Daytona Beach Astros Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 82-62
1st in the FSL's North Division
Manager: Dave Cripe (82-62)
Affiliation: Houston Astros
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Ballpark: Jackie Robinson Stadium
Attendance: 102,510, Avg. 1,424
1984 Daytona Beach Astros Statistics

Playoffs - Tampa Tarpons 2 games, Daytona Beach Astros 0

The Daytona Beach Astros of the Florida State League ended the 1984 season with a record of 82 wins and 62 losses, first in the league's North Division.

The Astros led the league with 760 runs, sparked by 67 home runs. Daytona Beach allowed 562 runs. Robbie Wine paced the team with 13 home runs and drove in 79 runs. Mike Botkin topped batters with significant playing time with a .302 average. Chuck Mathews paced the squad with 13 wins, while Rayner Noble recorded a 2.64 ERA, best among regular hurlers.

Players from the 1984 Daytona Beach Astros who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Roger Samuels, Louie Meadows, Robbie Wine and Jeff Datz.

Dave Cripe served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Karl AllaireLRJuly 21, 19636'0"170Woonsocket, RI US
Greg MizeRDecember 18, 19606'1"180
Pete MuellerLLOctober 21, 19616'4"210West New York, NJ US
Rayner NobleSLAugust 7, 19615'10"170Crowell, TX US
Zac ParisRRSeptember 9, 19576'1"150San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris DO
Ray PerkinsRFebruary 1, 19606'2"195
Uvaldo RegaladoRMay 23, 19596'1"170
Ed ReillyRNovember 8, 19585'11"190
Robert RetzL6'1"
Seth RichmondLR5'10"183
Aristides RodriguezRROctober 10, 19645'9"180La Romana, La Romana DO
Ramon RodriguezRR5'11"160
Nelson RoodRRJune 15, 19605'10"170West Palm Beach, FL US
Roger SamuelsLLJanuary 5, 19616'5"210San Jose, CA US
Doug ShaabLLJuly 6, 19606'1"200Lancaster, PA US
Jim ShermanRRJanuary 26, 19606'2"192Wilmington, DE US
Mike StellernRRJuly 8, 19606'2"190
Rich StrasserRRJune 29, 19606'4"210Cincinnati, OH US
Tommy MitchellRRJuly 26, 19636'1"200San Diego, CA US
Louie MeadowsLLApril 29, 19615'11"190Maysville, NC US
Chuck MathewsRROctober 27, 19616'4"213Weatherford, TX US
Mark BakerRRJuly 8, 19645'8"182Elvine, MO US
Don BertiRRSeptember 5, 19596'1"197
Rich BombardRRJanuary 2, 19615'11"168El Paso, TX US
Mike BotkinLROctober 12, 19596'2"183Lexington, KY US
Randy BraunLRNovember 4, 19596'5"225
Curtis BurkeRRMarch 27, 19606'0"188Columbia, SC US
Glenn CarpenterRLDecember 9, 19596'1"197Staten Island, NY US
Mike CerefinLRMarch 29, 19626'7"225Pittsfield, MA US
Hank ClarkRRAugust 6, 19596'0"185
Jeff DatzRRNovember 28, 19596'4"220Camden, NJ US
Juan DelgadoRRJanuary 20, 19635'11"165Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Tracy DophiedLRDecember 7, 19595'10"170
Bobby FallsSRFebruary 19, 19625'11"181Charlotte, NC US
Mike FriederichSRFebruary 26, 19656'5"225Winfield, IL US
Stan HoughRRJanuary 27, 19546'1"170Waco, TX US
Johnny IsaacSRAugust 12, 19626'0"175
Mike KasprzakRRNovember 7, 19606'2"195Lakeland, TX US
Robbie WineRRJuly 13, 19626'2"190Norristown, PA US

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