1982 Denver Bears Roster

American Association (AA) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 68-67
Finished 3rd in the AA's West Division
Manager: Rich Donnelly (68-67)
Affiliation: Texas Rangers
Location: Denver, Colorado
Ballpark: Mile High Stadium
Attendance: 537,914, Avg. 7,969
1982 Denver Bears Statistics

The Denver Bears of the American Association ended the 1982 season with a record of 68 wins and 67 losses, finishing third in the league's West Division.

The Bears scored 771 runs and surrendered 753 runs. Pete O'Brien led Denver with 25 home runs, while Bob Johnson, Jim Anderson, Pete Mackanin and Randy Bass each walloped 15 or more also. Pete O'Brien drove in 102 runs. Jim Anderson paced all qualifying hitters on the roster with a .314 average. Jim Farr topped the squad with 13 wins and a team-best 4.27 ERA, best among pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Members of the 1982 Denver Bears who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Randy Bass, Pete O'Brien, Pat Putnam, Víctor Cruz, Rick Sofield, Joe Kerrigan, Rick Matula, Jim Farr, Dave Rajsich, John Butcher, Ramón Avilés, Bob Johnson, Joe Gates, Mark Mercer, Dennis Littlejohn, Terry Bogener, Dan Boitano, Steve Luebber, Pete Mackanin, Don Werner, Nick Capra, Wayne Tolleson, Jack Lazorko, Mike Smithson, Bob Babcock, Len Whitehouse, Dave Hostetler, Bob Jones, Jim Anderson, Dan Gonzales, Will McEnaney, Roger Holt and Don Kainer.

Rich Donnelly served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Jim AndersonRRFebruary 23, 19576'0"170Los Angeles, CA US
Ramón AvilésRRJanuary 22, 19525'9"155Manati, PR
Bob BabcockRRAugust 25, 19496'5"210New Castle, PA US
Mel BarrowRRApril 25, 19545'11"180Chicago, IL US
Randy BassLRMarch 13, 19546'1"210Lawton, OK US
Terry BogenerLLSeptember 28, 19556'0"193Hannibal, MO US
Dan BoitanoRRMarch 22, 19536'0"185Sacramento, CA US
John ButcherRRMarch 8, 19576'4"185Glendale, CA US
Nick CapraRRMarch 8, 19585'8"165Denver, CO US
Tracy CowgerRRJuly 22, 19565'10"175
Víctor CruzRRDecember 24, 19575'9"174Rancho Viejo, La Vega DO
Jim FarrRRMay 18, 19566'1"195Waverly, NY US
Joe GatesLROctober 3, 19545'7"175Gary, IN US
Dan GonzalesLRSeptember 30, 19536'1"195Whittier, CA US
Roger HoltSRApril 8, 19565'11"165Daytona Beach, FL US
Dave HostetlerRRMarch 27, 19566'4"215Pasadena, CA US
Tony HudsonRRJune 29, 19586'3"180
Mike JirscheleRRMarch 3, 19595'11"185Clintonville, WI US
Bob JohnsonRRJuly 31, 19596'3"195Dallas, TX US
Bob JonesLLOctober 11, 19496'2"195Elkton, MD US
Don KainerRRSeptember 3, 19556'3"205Houston, TX US
Joe KerriganRRJanuary 30, 19546'5"205Philadelphia, PA US
Jack LazorkoRRMarch 30, 19565'11"200Hoboken, NJ US
Dennis LittlejohnRROctober 4, 19546'2"200Santa Monica, CA US
Dennis LongRAugust 2, 19586'5"215
Steve LuebberRRJuly 9, 19496'3"185Clinton, MO US
Pete MackaninRRAugust 1, 19516'2"190Chicago, IL US
Rick MatulaRRNovember 22, 19536'0"190Wharton, TX US
Will McEnaneyLLFebruary 14, 19526'0"180Springfield, OH US
Mark MercerLLMay 22, 19546'5"220Fort Bragg, NC US
Jerry NeufangRRNovember 23, 19605'10"180
Pete O'BrienLLFebruary 9, 19586'1"185Santa Monica, CA US
Craig PerkinsRRJune 23, 19496'1"195Los Angeles, CA US
Pat PutnamLRDecember 3, 19536'0"205Bethel, VT US
Dave RajsichLLSeptember 28, 19516'5"175Youngstown, OH US
Paul SemallRRJuly 16, 19556'4"200Cleveland, OH US
Mike SmithsonRRJanuary 21, 19556'8"215Centerville, TN US
Rick SofieldLRDecember 16, 19566'1"195Cheyenne, WY US
Dave StockstillLROctober 4, 19576'0"180Springfield, MO US
Wayne TollesonSRNovember 22, 19555'9"160Spartanburg, SC US
Gary VennerLRApril 22, 19595'11"190
Don WernerRRMarch 8, 19536'1"175Appleton, WI US
Len WhitehouseLLSeptember 10, 19575'11"175Burlington, VT US

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