1884 Dayton Gem Citys Roster

Ohio Association (OA)
Team Record: 55-21
1st in the OA
Manager: Joseph Zell (55-21)
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Ballpark: Unknown

1884 Dayton Gem Citys Statistics

The Dayton Gem Citys of the Ohio Association ended the 1884 season with a record of 55 wins and 21 losses, first in the OA.

Joseph Zell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Wes Blogg5'8"155Norfolk, VA US
Reddy MackRMay 2, 18665'8"182, IE
Richard Noonan
Jesse Price
W. J. Prince
Daniel Ryan
Dummy RynFebruary 0, 1862Marion, OH US
John Siegel
Tony HellmanRMay 29, 18615'9"175Cincinnati, OH US
Charlie BohnRROctober 0, 18565'9"165Cleveland, OH US
Hugh Broman
William Chatfield
Ed Clark5'10"Cincinnati, OH US
James Collins
Bob Cox
Erwin DarrowNovember 3, 18575'10"180
Joseph Deistel
Jerry DorseyJanuary 0, 1956
Harry ZellDecember 10, 1865

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