1939 Decatur Commodores Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 68-51
3rd in the IIIL
Manager: Tony Kaufmann (68-51)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Decatur, Illinois
Ballpark: Fans Field
Attendance: 49,710, Avg. 835
1939 Decatur Commodores Statistics

Playoffs - Decatur Commodores 3 games, Cedar Rapids Raiders 1
Finals - Springfield Browns 3 games, Decatur Commodores 2

The Decatur Commodores of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1939 season with a record of 68 wins and 51 losses, third in the IIIL.

Tony Kaufmann served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Wayne AdamsRRDecember 27, 19196'1"170Maora, IL US
Henry MuehlenbeinRLApril 12, 19186'3"198
Victor OehlerRFebruary 25, 19125'11"170
Norman PetersenLJanuary 21, 19165'8"165Farewell, NE US
Hugh PolandLRJanuary 19, 19105'11"185Tompkinsville, KY US
Bob RepassRRNovember 6, 19176'1"185West Pittston, PA US
Kenneth RutledgeRR6'2"200
Mike SakovichRDecember 6, 19185'10"160Royalton, IL US
Harley StreetLR5'11"180
Jake SuytarRRJuly 10, 19176'5"215Ventura, CA US
Averett ThompsonLRJanuary 14, 19155'11"175Clarksville, TN US
Emil VerbanRRAugust 27, 19155'11"165Lincoln, IL US
Steve WarcholRR5'11"170
Peter McGarryR5'10"175
Gregory LippoldRRAugust 28, 19176'4"195St. Mary's, IA US
Harold KoopmannRRApril 3, 19186'0"164
Dave BartoschRRMarch 24, 19176'1"190St. Louis, MO US
Buddy BlattnerRRFebruary 8, 19206'0"180St. Louis, MO US
Donald BrodahlRRFebruary 26, 19156'1"185Minneapolis, MN US
Kenneth BrownRR6'0"185
Gerald BurmeisterRRAugust 11, 19166'2"205Harmony, MN US
Alex ColemanRFebruary 13, 19135'11"170Ada, OK US
Robert EisimingerRRSeptember 1, 19205'11"155
Cecil GarriottLRAugust 15, 19165'8"165Harristown, IL US
Glen HeriotRR6'2"177
Harry HildebrandSMay 11, 19175'10"188Cicero, IL US
Oscar JuddLLFebruary 14, 19086'0"180London, ON CA
Tony KaufmannRRDecember 16, 19005'11"165Chicago, IL US
William YarewickLLNovember 15, 19166'1"170Bayonne, NJ US

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