1911 Denver Grizzlies Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 111-54
1st in the WL
Manager: Jack Hendricks (111-54)
Location: Denver, Colorado
Ballpark: Broadway Park

1911 Denver Grizzlies Statistics

The Denver Grizzlies of the Western League ended the 1911 season with a record of 111 wins and 54 losses first in the WL. Jack Hendricks served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Johnny BeallLRMarch 12, 18826'0"180Beltsville, MD US
Chris LindsayRRJuly 24, 18786'0"190Beaver County, PA US
Davy LloydPottsville, PA US
Hugh McMurrayJune 0, 18815'5"148, CA US
Buck O'BrienRRMay 9, 18825'10"188Brockton, MA US
Hank OlmstedRRJanuary 12, 18795'8"147Sac Bay, MI US
Lee QuillinRRMay 5, 18825'10"165North Branch, MN US
Barney SchreiberLLMay 8, 18826'0"185Waverly, OH US
Larry SpahrDecember 6, 1883
Ed KinsellaRRJanuary 15, 18806'1"175Lexington, IL US
Duke KenworthySRJuly 4, 18865'7"165Cambridge, OH US
Harry CassadyLLJuly 20, 18805'8"145Bellflower, IL US
Jack CoffeyRRJanuary 28, 18875'11"178New York, NY US
Buck EhmanNovember 24, 1882Akron, OH US
Walter Frambes
Grover Gilmore
Casey HagemanLRMay 12, 18875'10"186Mount Olive, PA US
Ben HarrisRRDecember 17, 18896'0"220Donelson, TN US
Clifford Healey
Genser WeidensaulMay 10, 1877, PA US

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