1985 Daytona Beach Islanders Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 53-87
4th in the FSL's Central Division
Manager: Jim Hutto (53-87)
Affiliation: Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Ballpark: Jackie Robinson Stadium
Attendance: 30,736, Avg. 439
1985 Daytona Beach Islanders Statistics

The Daytona Beach Islanders of the Florida State League ended the 1985 season with a record of 53 wins and 87 losses, fourth in the league's Central Division.

The Islanders scored 474 runs, worst in the league, and gave up 649 runs. Rob Amble recorded 46 runs batted in and topped all regular batters with a .269 average. Carmelo LoSauro led the team with 7 wins, while Bruce Kipper recorded a 2.86 ERA, tops among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1985 Daytona Beach Islanders who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Bob Milacki, Francisco Oliveras, Allan Ramirez, Billy Ripken, Kenny Rogers and Jeff Tackett.

Jim Hutto served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Wayne WilsonRNovember 11, 19656'3"180
Billy RipkenRRDecember 16, 19646'1"180Havre de Grace, MD US
Randy RileyLR6'1"195
Rich RiceRAugust 22, 19626'3"209
Jay ReynoldsR
Allan RamirezRRMay 1, 19575'10"180Victoria, TX US
Rick PoznanskiRR6'1"180
Francisco OliverasRRJanuary 31, 19635'10"170Santurce, PR
Ty NicholsSR6'1"160
Dave MurrayRRNovember 29, 19625'10"165
Bob MilackiRRJuly 28, 19646'4"220Trenton, NJ US
Jeff MelroseLLJune 1, 19616'3"180
Kenny RogersLLNovember 10, 19646'1"200Savannah, GA US
Edward RohanR6'2"185
Roger WilsonLJune 16, 19636'5"180
Christopher WillsherR6'1"198
Enacio VanHeyningenLL6'2"205
Dan Van CleveLRFebruary 9, 19626'1"180Jackson, MS US
Tony TriplettRRAugust 31, 19606'3"185
Paul ThorpeRSeptember 23, 19656'7"185
Jeff TackettRRDecember 1, 19656'2"200Fresno, CA US
Jeffrey SummersR5'11"160
Jervis StuartLL5'11"165
Tim SmithRL6'0"182
Gerardo SanchezRRDecember 18, 19655'11"165Caguas, PR
Carmelo LoSauroRJanuary 23, 19655'11"180
Dave LedbetterROctober 11, 19616'6"209
Justin GannonLSeptember 30, 19626'2"180
Chris GaetaRRMarch 24, 19635'11"170
Mike FayRJune 1, 19616'1"193
Eric DersinRJanuary 6, 19646'1"165Cumberland, MD US
Ray CroneLRJanuary 7, 19645'9"155Hartford, CT US
Ray CorbettRRMarch 2, 19596'0"195
Greg BierceviczRROctober 21, 19556'1"185Derby, CT US
Ben BianchiRRAugust 15, 19616'4"200Ely, NV US
Kurt BeamesderferRRJuly 23, 19636'2"180Reading, PA US
Benny BautistaSRDecember 23, 19655'9"169Bani, Peravia DO
Augusto AquinoLLFebruary 2, 19645'9"150
Bobo GonzalezRMay 13, 19606'3"155
Bob GutierrezRLNovember 1, 19626'1"170
Bobby LatmoreRROctober 4, 19656'1"170
Jeff LackieLMay 21, 19636'1"185
Bruce KipperLSeptember 16, 19606'5"210
Randy KingRNovember 18, 19646'2"185
Ron JohnsonRRNovember 8, 19626'5"190
Jeff HubbardRRJune 2, 19626'0"185
Mike HolmLJuly 9, 19626'0"175
Ricky HesterRSeptember 19, 19616'0"175
Larry HeiseLLApril 2, 19616'1"195East St. Louis, IL US
Timothy HallerRR
Mike HalaszRRJanuary 21, 19636'0"175
Rob AmbleSRSeptember 11, 19615'10"185

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