1889 Des Moines Prohibitionists Roster

Western Association (WA)
Team Record: 41-77
8th in the WA
Manager: Jimmy Macullar (41-77)
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Ballpark: Athletic Park

1889 Des Moines Prohibitionists Statistics

The Des Moines Prohibitionists of the Western Association ended the 1889 season with a record of 41 wins and 77 losses, eighth in the WA.

Jimmy Macullar served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charlie AbbeyLLOctober 14, 18665'8"169Falls City, NE US
Leech MaskreyRRFebruary 11, 18545'8"150Mercer, PA US
E. L. Mendenhall
Owen PattonAugust 15, 1859County Mayo, Mayo IE
Dick PhelanRDecember 10, 1854Towanda, PA US
John RoachRLNovember 19, 18675'9"175North Bend, PA US
Skyrocket SmithRMarch 19, 18686'2"170Baltimore, MD US
W. Smith
Bill TraffleyRRDecember 21, 18595'11"185Staten Island, NY US
Doc Watts
Jimmy MacullarRLJanuary 16, 18555'6"155Boston, MA US
Billy KlusmanRRMarch 24, 18655'10"185Cincinnati, OH US
Dan Alexander
Tod BrynanRRJuly 30, 18635'10"156Philadelphia, PA US
Michael CodyLRMay 3, 1863
Peter Connell6'1"180Brooklyn, NY US
Bobby EmmerkeDecember 23, 1866
Bill FaganLLFebruary 15, 18655'11"165Troy, NY US
Bill HartRJuly 19, 18655'10"163Louisville, KY US
Joseph Hennessey
Ted KennedyLRFebruary 7, 18655'8"178Henry, IL US
Jack Kenyon
Guerdon WhiteleyOctober 5, 18595'11"190Hopkinton, RI US

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