1897 Detroit Tigers Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 70-66
Finished 5th in the WL
Manager: Bob Allen (0-0), Frank Graves (0-0)
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Ballpark: Bennett Park
Attendance: 110,000, Avg. 1,618
1897 Detroit Tigers Statistics

The Detroit Tigers of the Western League ended the 1897 season with a record of 70 wins and 66 losses, finishing fifth in the WL.

Bob Allen and Frank Graves served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bob AllenRRJuly 10, 18675'11"175Marion, OH US
Ollie BeardRRMay 2, 18625'11"180Lexington, KY US
John BlueMay 10, 1870Liberty Township, OH US
Hercules BurnettRAugust 13, 18655'11"177Louisville, KY US
Dad ClarksonRRAugust 31, 18665'10"165Cambridge, MA US
Lefty DavisLLFebruary 4, 18755'10"170Nashville, TN US
Edward DeadyWare, MA US
Tom DelahantyRRMarch 9, 18725'8"175Cleveland, OH US
Pat DillardLRJune 12, 18736'0"180Chattanooga, TN US
Sam DunganRJuly 29, 18665'11"180Ferndale, CA US
Rip EganRJuly 10, 1873180St. Louis, MO US
Ben EllisJuly 0, 18705'10"166New York, NY US
Robert GayleLNovember 11, 1868
Noodles HahnLLApril 29, 18795'9"160Nashville, TN US
Hunkey HinesRRSeptember 29, 18675'7"165Elgin, IL US
Thomas Irwin
Harry KeenerRAugust 18, 18685'10"185Easton, PA US
Julius KnollLSeptember 10, 1875Evansville, IN US
Pat McCauleyRJune 10, 18705'10"156Ware, MA US
Sam NichollRRApril 20, 18695'10"178County Antrim, Antrim IE
Parson NicholsonRApril 14, 18635'9"148Blaine, OH US
Russ Pace
Harry SteinfeldtRRSeptember 29, 18755'9"180St. Louis, MO US
Tom ThomasRRDecember 27, 18736'4"195Shawnee, OH US
Fred Treadwell
Mike TrostR6'0"180Philadelphia, PA US
Jack WadsworthLRDecember 17, 1867180Wellington, OH US
Lew WhistlerRMarch 10, 18685'10"178St. Louis, MO US

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