1905 Des Moines Underwriters Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 95-54
1st in the WL
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Ballpark: Unknown

1905 Des Moines Underwriters Statistics

The Des Moines Underwriters of the Western League ended the 1905 season with a record of 95 wins and 54 losses, first in the WL.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ben CaffynLLFebruary 10, 18795'10"175Peoria, IL US
Reeve McKayRNovember 16, 18816'1"168Morgan, TX US
Frank McNicholsMarch 23, 1880
William Morrison
Clarence OwsleyJuly 30, 1883, IN US
Claude RossmanLLJune 17, 18816'0"188Philmont, NY US
Bert SchilsRMarch 24, 1879Holland, WI US
Frank ShugartLRDecember 10, 18665'8"170Luthersburg, PA US
Fred SteeleRMarch 23, 1878Neola, IA US
Lee StillmanJuly 19, 1882, IA US
Babe TowneRRMarch 12, 18805'10"180Coon Rapids, IA US
Howard WakefieldRRApril 2, 18846'1"205Bucyrus, OH US
Bill McGilvrayLLApril 29, 18836'0"160Portland, OR US
Lou ManskeLLJuly 4, 18846'0"Milwaukee, WI US
Bill ChappelleRRMarch 22, 18816'2"206Waterloo, NY US
Floyd CoatesJanuary 2, 1877
Charlie DexterRRJune 15, 18765'7"155Evansville, IN US
Roy Fiske, IA US
Charlie FrisbeeSRFebruary 2, 18745'9"175Dows, IA US
Bob GanleyLLApril 23, 18755'7"156Lowell, MA US
John HallaLLMay 13, 18845'11"175St. Louis, MO US
George HogrieverRRMarch 17, 18695'8"160Cincinnati, OH US
Lefty LeifieldLLSeptember 5, 18836'1"165Trenton, IL US
Herman LongLRApril 13, 18665'8"160Chicago, IL US
Roland WolfeAugust 27, 1879

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