1980 El Paso Diablos Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 50-86
Finished 4th in the TL's West Division
Manager: Jim Saul (50-86)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: El Paso, Texas
Ballpark: Dudley Field
Attendance: 265,062, Avg. 3,898
1980 El Paso Diablos Statistics

The El Paso Diablos of the Texas League ended the 1980 season with a record of 50 wins and 86 losses, finishing fourth in the league's West Division.

The Diablos scored 740 runs and allowed 910 runs, most in the circuit. Mike Bishop walloped 33 home runs for El Paso, while Tom Bhagwat, Tom Brunansky and Daryl Sconiers each swatted 20 or more also. Mike Bishop drove in 104 runs. Daryl Sconiers paced all qualifying hitters on the roster by hitting .370. Steve Brown topped the team with 14 wins and a team-best 3.66 ERA, best among qualifying pitchers.

Members of the 1980 El Paso Diablos who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Pat Keedy, Brian Harper, Daryl Sconiers, Mike Bishop, Ricky Adams, Tom Brunansky, Steve Brown, Rick Steirer, Mike Walters and Mike Witt.

Jim Saul served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ricky AdamsRRJanuary 21, 19596'2"180Upland, CA US
Tom BhagwatRRApril 19, 19546'3"185
Mike BishopRRNovember 5, 19586'2"188Santa Maria, CA US
Robert BorderRR6'2"170
Richard BrewsterLR5'8"142
Steve BrownRRFebruary 12, 19576'5"200San Francisco, CA US
Tom BrunanskyRRAugust 20, 19606'4"210Covina, CA US
Scott CarnesRRNovember 16, 19555'9"175
Tom ChevolekLL6'2"185
Jeff ConnerLLJune 26, 19596'1"180
Joel CrislerRRMarch 30, 19576'2"195
Lawrence DuggerRRAugust 16, 19595'10"180
David DuranRRApril 24, 19576'1"170
Dennis GilbertRRAugust 9, 19586'0"185Salinas, CA US
James HamiltonRR5'10"160
Brian HarperRROctober 16, 19596'2"195Los Angeles, CA US
Brandt HumphryRRJuly 11, 19566'3"215
Donny JonesRR6'1"175
Pat KeedyRRJanuary 10, 19586'4"205Birmingham, AL US
Mark MillerLL6'4"200
Perry MorrisonRRApril 23, 19586'2"186
Charles PhillipsLL6'2"180
Richard RommelRROctober 16, 19555'10"185
Daryl SconiersLLOctober 3, 19586'2"185San Bernardino, CA US
Daniel SmithRR6'0"187
William SpringmanRR6'3"190
Rick SteirerRRAugust 27, 19566'4"200Baltimore, MD US
Stephen TipaRR5'11"185
James ValloneRL6'0"170
Mike WaltersRROctober 18, 19576'5"203St. Louis, MO US
Michael WardlowRRAugust 6, 19556'2"185Hawthorne, CA US
Mike WittRRJuly 20, 19606'7"185Fullerton, CA US

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