1985 Fort Lauderdale Yankees Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 77-63
Finished 1st in the FSL's South Division
Manager: Bucky Dent (77-63)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Ballpark: Fort Lauderdale Stadium
Attendance: 52,115, Avg. 744
1985 Fort Lauderdale Yankees Statistics

Playoffs - Fort Lauderdale Yankees 2 games, Osceola Astros 1
Finals - Fort Myers Royals 3 games, Fort Lauderdale Yankees 1

The Fort Lauderdale Yankees of the Florida State League ended the 1985 season with a record of 77 wins and 63 losses, finishing first in the league's South Division.

The Yankees paced the league with 652 runs, fueled by 62 home runs. Fort Lauderdale surrendered 533 runs. Jay Buhner led the squad with 11 home runs and drove in 76 runs, while leading hitters with significant playing time with a .296 average. Steve George topped the squad with 13 wins, and Bill Fulton recorded a 1.61 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Players from the 1985 Fort Lauderdale Yankees who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Bob Johnson, Bill Fulton, Roberto Kelly, Carlos Martínez, Darren Reed, Tom Underwood, Ozzie Canseco, Steve Frey, Mitch Lyden, Al Leiter, Tom Gilles, Logan Easley, Bobby Murcer, Rickey Henderson and Jay Buhner.

Bucky Dent served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Scot BeahanRMarch 15, 19626'3"195
Rick BernaldoRRAugust 7, 19625'10"170
Mark BlaserRROctober 19, 19606'0"185
Brent BlumLLSeptember 19, 19626'4"205Seattle, WA US
Jay BuhnerRRAugust 13, 19646'3"220Louisville, KY US
Ozzie CansecoRRJuly 2, 19646'2"220La Habana, La Habana CU
Doug CarpenterRRFebruary 9, 19625'10"175
Gary CathcartLLDecember 23, 19626'2"170
Dennis ChastainLFebruary 19, 19636'0"186
Mo ChingLLJuly 11, 19636'3"180
Darin CloningerROctober 1, 19625'11"185
Eric DersinRJanuary 6, 19646'1"165Cumberland, MD US
Bob DevlinRSeptember 16, 19626'3"195
Pat DoughertyRJuly 14, 19636'2"190
Logan EasleyRRNovember 4, 19616'1"185Salt Lake City, UT US
Bill EnglehartLLSeptember 23, 19626'1"225
Steve FreyRLJuly 29, 19635'9"170Meadowbrook, PA US
Bill FultonRROctober 22, 19636'3"195Pittsburgh, PA US
Steve GeorgeLLOctober 18, 19616'0"160St. Louis, MO US
Tom GillesRRJuly 2, 19626'1"185Peoria, IL US
Fredi GonzálezRRJanuary 28, 19646'1"190La Habana, La Habana CU
Mo GuercioRSeptember 1, 19646'4"180Rome, IT
Matt HarrisonLDecember 31, 19626'3"190Glens Falls, NY US
Joe HeeneyRRJanuary 4, 19625'10"175
Rickey HendersonRLDecember 25, 19585'10"180Chicago, IL US
Bob JohnsonRRJuly 31, 19596'3"195Dallas, TX US
Roberto KellyRROctober 1, 19646'2"180Panama, Panama PA
Phil LaneRRMay 2, 19626'0"190
Duane LawhonRRMay 14, 19645'11"186
Al LeiterLLOctober 23, 19656'2"200Toms River, NJ US
Mitch LydenRRDecember 14, 19646'3"225Portland, OR US
Joe MackayRRJanuary 6, 19646'0"185
Carlos MartínezRRAugust 11, 19656'5"175La Guaira, Vargas VE
Rich MattocksRRJuly 18, 19625'9"173
Chris MaynardRRSeptember 29, 19626'0"172
Bobby MurcerLRMay 20, 19465'11"160Oklahoma City, OK US
Felix PerdomoSRSeptember 11, 19635'9"155
Steve PerusoRROctober 1, 19616'1"195
Jeff PriesRJanuary 5, 19636'5"205
Bob RafticeLJuly 20, 19626'5"208
Dody RatherRRAugust 13, 19646'0"185Hosuton, TX US
Darren ReedRROctober 16, 19656'1"190Ojai, CA US
Jose RiveraRRJanuary 3, 19636'0"155
Johnny RodriguezROctober 31, 19616'1"165
Norm SantiagoRRMay 13, 19636'1"180
Mitch SeoaneRRFebruary 9, 19615'9"160
Ricky TorresRRDecember 31, 19636'2"210
Kevin TrudeauROctober 12, 19636'2"180Forest Lake, MN US
Tom UnderwoodRLDecember 22, 19535'11"170Kokomo, IN US
Brad WinklerLRJune 22, 19605'11"185
Tom WoleslagelRRAugust 14, 19625'11"173
Chuck YaegerLMarch 12, 19626'4"185

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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