1998 Greensboro Bats Roster

South Atlantic League (SAL) - Class: A
Team Record: 79-63
2nd in the SAL's Central Division
Manager: Tom Nieto (79-63)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Ballpark: War Memorial Stadium
Attendance: 160,465, Avg. 2,469 in 65 home dates
1998 Greensboro Bats Statistics

Playoffs - Greensboro Bats 2 games, Cape Fear Crocs 0
Playoffs - Greensboro Bats 2 games, Augusta GreenJackets 0
Finals - Capital City Bombers 2 games, Greensboro Bats 1

The Greensboro Bats of the South Atlantic League ended the 1998 season with a record of 79 wins and 63 losses, second in the league's Central Division.

The Bats scored 625 runs and allowed 631 runs. Allen Butler paced Greensboro with 19 home runs, while Scott Kidd and Ryan Soules walloped 20 or more also. Allen Butler drove in 81 runs. Scott Kidd led all regular batters by hitting .274. Randy Flores topped the squad with 12 wins, and Brian Reith recorded a 2.29 ERA, tops among qualifying pitchers.

Members of the 1998 Greensboro Bats who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Erick Almonte, Alberto Castillo, Randy Choate, Zach Day, Randy Flores, Brian Reith, John Rodriguez, Scott Seabol, Chris Spurling and Scott Wiggins.

Tom Nieto served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Stanton WoodRRDecember 5, 19766'2"185Torrance, CA US
Eric SchaffnerRROctober 19, 19746'3"190Salem, OR US
Cody SamuelRRApril 10, 19746'1"252Inglewood, CA US
Brian RogersRRFebruary 13, 19776'6"200Pinehurst, NC US
John RodriguezLLJanuary 20, 19786'0"225New York, NY US
Brian ReithRRFebruary 28, 19786'5"220Fort Wayne, IN US
Matt PurkissLRJuly 15, 19756'3"220Lindsay, CA US
Rene PintoRRJuly 17, 19776'0"185Maracay, Aragua VE
Omar ObandoRRMarch 23, 19776'2"180Chinandega, NI
Mike MontillaSRDecember 18, 19736'1"175Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Scott SeabolRRMay 17, 19756'4"200McKeesport, PA US
Ryan SoulesLRFebruary 27, 19766'2"190Fort Collins, CO US
Scott WigginsLLMarch 24, 19766'3"205Fort Thomas, KY US
Dion WashingtonRRDecember 21, 19766'4"235Las Vegas, NV US
Chris WallaceRRApril 5, 19766'2"210Marion, OH US
Yoiset ValleLLJune 9, 19786'3"200La Habana, La Habana CU
Dennis TwombleyRRJune 8, 19756'2"218La Mesa, CA US
Brien TaylorLLDecember 26, 19716'3"220Beaufort, NC US
Jeff StaubachRRDecember 28, 19746'0"215Dallas, TX US
Chris SpurlingRRJune 28, 19776'6"240Dayton, OH US
Cam SpenceRROctober 11, 19746'3"195Decatur, GA US
Marc MirizziSRJune 17, 19756'1"190San Jose, CA US
Jackson MelianRRJanuary 7, 19806'2"205Barcelona, Anzoategui VE
John DarjeanRRApril 3, 19766'1"175Baton Rouge, LA US
Rick CremerLLApril 19, 19776'4"185Marion, IL US
Randy ChoateLLSeptember 5, 19756'1"205San Antonio, TX US
Alberto CastilloLLJuly 5, 19756'2"255La Habana, La Habana CU
Orlando CareyRRFebruary 25, 19766'1"180Gallatin, TN US
Allen ButlerLRJanuary 22, 19756'3"190Kingsport, TN US
Jeremy BlevinsRROctober 5, 19776'3"190Elizabethtown, TN US
Brian AylorLLApril 6, 19746'2"200Midwest City, OK US
Gordie AmersonLLOctober 10, 19766'1"200Fontana, CA US
Zach DayRRJune 15, 19786'4"185Cincinnati, OH US
Francisco De La CruzRRJuly 9, 19736'2"175La Romana, La Romana DO
Jason McBrideRRFebruary 10, 19766'1"175Pensacola, FL US
Vernon MaxwellRROctober 22, 19766'3"205Oklahoma City, OK US
Jason MathysRROctober 18, 19756'4"215Monroe, WI US
Craig LewisRRDecember 30, 19766'5"210Sydney, New South Wales AU
Eric KrallLLFebruary 27, 19746'4"215Lebanon, PA US
Scott KiddRRJanuary 15, 19745'10"180Mountain View, CA US
Randy FloresLLJuly 31, 19756'0"190Bellflower, CA US
Jason EllisonRRJuly 24, 19756'4"188Palestine, TX US
Clay EavensonRRMarch 6, 19786'3"185Athens, GA US
Erick AlmonteRRFebruary 1, 19786'2"245Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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