1908 Galveston Sand Crabs Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: C
Team Record: 59-86
7th in the TL
Manager: Frank Weikart (59-86)
Location: Galveston, Texas
Ballpark: Gulfview Stadium

1908 Galveston Sand Crabs Statistics

The Galveston Sand Crabs of the Texas League ended the 1908 season with a record of 59 wins and 86 losses, seventh in the TL.

Frank Weikart served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charles Anderson
Ed LauzonRRJanuary 4, 18746'1"192Mobile, AL US
George LeopoldMay 16, 1879, WI US
George PageR5'8"150, TX US
Daniel RileyOctober 0, 1880
John Russell
Eddie Sapp
Asa SlaterAugust 27, 1884
George SmithMay 20, 1885
Cy WatsonRJanuary 26, 1882
Frank WeikartRR6'1"180St. Louis, MO US
Foley WhiteAugust 5, 1882, TX US
Thebo WolffMarch 25, 1883
Jerry KaneRRJune 2, 18785'9"165Kansas City, MO US
Bert Hise, TN US
Richard Atkins
Guy Badger, NE US
Harry BlumlingL
Hyder Brown
William Burton
Tom Carlin
Tyler ChristianSRNovember 17, 18825'11"180Sardis, MS US
George CrableLLJanuary 9, 18856'1"190, NE US
Don CurtisElkins, WV US
John Dabney
Bob EdmondsonRRApril 30, 18795'11"185Paris, KY US
Gus EplerFebruary 20, 1884, PA US
W. P. Hickey
Stan YerkesRRNovember 28, 18745'10"165Cheltenham, PA US

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