1959 Great Falls Electrics Roster

Pioneer League (PL) - Class: C
Team Record: 60-70
4th in the PL
Manager: Brandy Davis (60-70)
Affiliation: Los Angeles Dodgers
Location: Great Falls, Montana
Ballpark: Centene Field
Attendance: 33,990, Avg. 523
1959 Great Falls Electrics Statistics

Playoffs - Billings Mustangs 2 games, Great Falls Electrics 1

The Great Falls Electrics of the Pioneer League ended the 1959 season with a record of 60 wins and 70 losses, fourth in the PL. The team scored 820 runs, while allowing 837 runs. Brandy Davis served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe BaynoLLOctober 10, 19346'0"175
Bill LachemannLRApril 5, 19345'9"190Los Angeles, CA US
Larry LewisRR6'4"195
Edward MajLLMarch 14, 19405'11"170
George MillerR6'2"180
Thomas PlathR6'0"173
Eddie ReedLROctober 12, 19296'2"170Straven, AL US
Guillermo RiveraRL5'10"168
Wayne ScarbroughLLAugust 21, 19396'0"180
Ronald SchmittRR6'2"175
Leonard SchnittkerRR6'1"185
Roy ShimekRR6'0"180
Dick SmithRRMay 17, 19396'2"205Lebanon, OR US
John TobiasLRDecember 27, 19335'10"175Detroit, MI US
Bill KunkelRRJuly 7, 19366'1"187Hoboken, NJ US
Lawrence IannicelliSR6'1"175
Louis HribarRRDecember 21, 19356'0"185
Ronald BooneRR6'2"190
Albert CaesarRR6'1"190
Domingo CarrasquelRRDecember 1, 19376'0"180Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Mike CastanonRROctober 28, 19375'11"170
Carmine ChierichellaRR6'4"220
Bruce CranshawLJuly 29, 19375'11"175
Al CruzRRMay 6, 19355'8"166
Brandy DavisRRSeptember 10, 19276'0"170Newark, DE US
Jack DeckerLR6'1"190
Thomas DonovanSL5'10"180
Arthur FletcherLL5'10"170
Ronald ForsytheRRFebruary 19, 19356'3"190West Brownsville, PA US
Anthony HopeyLL6'1"185
Rick WarrenLLJune 17, 19395'10"160New York, NY US

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