1885 Hartford Babies Roster

Connecticut State League (CSL) - Independent
Team Record: 3-6
3rd in the CSL
Manager: Charles Glazier (0-0), Jack Remsen (3-6), Jack Remsen (0-0)
Location: Hartford, Connecticut

1885 Hartford Babies Statistics

The Hartford Babies of the Connecticut State League ended the 1885 season with a record of 3 wins and 6 losses, third in the CSL.

Charles Glazier, Jack Remsen and Jack Remsen served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Buck BecannonAugust 22, 18595'10"165New York, NY US
Jack RemsenRRApril 0, 18505'11"189Brooklyn, NY US
Gracie PierceLR5'11"176New York, NY US
Tony MurphyJuly 0, 18595'6"145New York, NY US
Tom MorrisseyMay 0, 18605'11"180Janesville, WI US
Connie MackRRDecember 22, 18626'1"150East Brookfield, MA US
Joseph Lufberry
Bill KriegRRJanuary 29, 18595'8"180Petersburg, IL US
William Johnson
Henry GruberRRDecember 14, 18635'9"155Hamden, CT US
Frank GilmoreRRApril 27, 18645'11"164Webster, MA US
Sam ChildsNovember 6, 1861East Hartford, CT US
George ShochRRJanuary 6, 18595'6"158Philadelphia, PA US

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