1921 Houston Buffaloes Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: A
Team Record: 92-67
2nd in the TL
Manager: George Whiteman (92-67)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Houston, Texas
Ballpark: West End Park

1921 Houston Buffaloes Statistics

The Houston Buffaloes of the Texas League ended the 1921 season with a record of 92 wins and 67 losses, second in the TL. George Whiteman served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John BagganNovember 25, 1888Woonsocket, RI US
Dave GriffithR
James Gudger
Chuck MillerLLSeptember 18, 18895'8"155Woodville, OH US
Ike PearsonRJuly 27, 1891Coffeeville, MS US
Adolph PierottiRR
Nellie PottLLJuly 16, 18996'0"185Cincinnati, OH US
Jack Puddy
Dick RobertsonRRSeptember 16, 18915'9"160Rockville, MD US
Chuck RoseLLSeptember 1, 18855'8"158Macon, MO US
Irving Weimar
Marv GoodwinRRJanuary 16, 18915'11"168Gordonsville, VA US
Homer EzzellRRFebruary 28, 18965'10"158Victoria, TX US
Gene BaileyRRNovember 25, 18935'8"160Pearsall, TX US
Clyde BarfootRRJuly 8, 18916'0"170Richmond, VA US
Ray BladesRRAugust 6, 18965'7"163Mount Vernon, IL US
Bill BoldenRRMay 9, 18936'4"200Dandridge, TN US
Jim BottomleyLLApril 23, 19006'0"180Oglesby, IL US
William Buscha
Rolla DaringerLRNovember 15, 18885'10"155Hayden, IN US
Ed DonaldsRRJune 22, 18835'11"180Bidwell, OH US
Joseph Doyle
Paul Eiffert
George WhitemanRRDecember 23, 18825'7"160Peoria, IL US

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