1954 Hamilton Cardinals Roster

Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League (PONYL) - Class: D
Team Record: 61-65
6th in the PONYL
Manager: Jimmy Brown (61-65)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Ballpark: Civic Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 41,379, Avg. 657
1954 Hamilton Cardinals Statistics

The Hamilton Cardinals of the Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League ended the 1954 season with a record of 61 wins and 65 losses, sixth in the PONYL.

The Cardinals scored 783 runs and allowed 792 runs. Gene Davis led all regular hitters by connecting at a .345 clip. Marty Kutyna topped Hamilton with 17 wins and a team-best 3.31 ERA, best among regular hurlers.

Marty Kutyna and Tom Baker both played in Major League Baseball during their careers.

Jimmy Brown served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Matthew WoloszykRSeptember 19, 19965'7"165
Walt MitchellRNovember 23, 19326'4"205Akron, OH US
Bill MillerRRMarch 26, 19356'0"190New Orleans, LA US
Heaford McKinneyL6'0"185
Mario MaurielloR5'11"160
David LeonardRR6'2"200
Martin Lang
Roy LakemanRR5'11"170
Marty KutynaRRNovember 14, 19326'0"190Philadelphia, PA US
William MurphyRRDecember 25, 19306'2"200Malden, MA US
Victor NapolitanoRDecember 15, 19285'10"160
Joe OstopchukRRSeptember 6, 19336'1"185Haverhill, MA US
Leslie Thomas
Donald ThomasRR5'11"185
LaCoy SmithL5'11"165
Peter ShultisLL6'2"175
Ronald SchmittRR6'2"175
George RodemsSeptember 8, 1930Buffalo, NY US
Arthur RemsaLNovember 16, 19305'10"185
Ronald PriceJune 14, 1933Erie, PA US
John Krysiak
Leon Harris
Richard GumbertRJanuary 27, 19336'1"185Waltham, MA US
Robert Christian
Richard Christian
Stanley ChincheckRRNovember 11, 19286'0"175
William Buntrock
William BrownR6'1"195
Cletus BenedictLJanuary 10, 19325'11"170
Leonard BatroneyMarch 8, 1932Wilkes-Barre, PA US
John BallRR6'2"195
Donald ColpoysRJune 19, 19345'11"185Buffalo, NY US
George CreasyRL6'1"165
Stanley D'Antonio
Nilo GiavedoniR5'11"145
Robert ForemanRL6'4"210
Al Duncan
Glenn Dulaney
Louis Diaz
Stanley DenekaRR5'9"168
Gene DavisRRMay 1, 19346'1"185
Alfred DavisRRMarch 1, 19365'10"200
Tom BakerLLMay 6, 19346'0"195Port Townsend, WA US

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