1995 Hickory Crawdads Roster

South Atlantic League (SAL) - Class: A
Team Record: 49-89
7th in the SAL's North Division
Manager: Mike Rojas (49-89)
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox
Location: Hickory, North Carolina
Ballpark: L.P. Frans Stadium
Attendance: 265,017, Avg. 3,841 in 69 home dates
1995 Hickory Crawdads Statistics

The Hickory Crawdads of the South Atlantic League ended the 1995 season with a record of 49 wins and 89 losses, seventh in the league's North Division.

The Crawdads tallied 459 runs and allowed 712 runs. Mario Valdez paced Hickory with 11 home runs and drove in 56 runs, while leading hitters with significant playing time by hitting .272. Jack Ford topped the team with 8 wins, and Russ Herbert recorded a 2.68 ERA, leading pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Kevin Beirne, Carlos Castillo, Nelson Cruz, Mark Johnson, Carlos Lee, Brian Simmons and Mario Valdez were all players from the 1995 Hickory Crawdads who played in the Majors during their careers.

Mike Rojas served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Brent WilhelmRRJanuary 22, 19736'0"185Independence, MO US
Jesus MendozaRRNovember 10, 19745'10"160
Fernando MejiasRRMarch 15, 19726'3"215Maracay, Aragua VE
Craig McClureRRAugust 4, 19756'1"175Tacoma, WA US
Zane LeiberRRSeptember 15, 19736'2"190Tucson, AZ US
Carlos LeeRRJune 20, 19766'2"270Aguadulce, Cocle PA
Tom KoerickRRNovember 16, 19726'3"205Bryn Mawr, PA US
Mark JohnsonLRSeptember 12, 19756'0"185Wheat Ridge, CO US
Jeffrey JohnsonRRJune 8, 19735'10"175
Sergio IzquierdoRRAugust 11, 19725'9"182
David MooreRROctober 9, 19746'3"185St. Petersburg, FL US
Jesus NavasSRJanuary 11, 19756'0"170
David WellsRRJune 20, 19726'5"200
David WelchLLApril 30, 19706'3"210
Mario ValdezLLNovember 19, 19746'1"215Ciudad Obregon, Sonora MX
Mike TidickRRMarch 7, 19716'2"185
Bob TheodileRRSeptember 16, 19726'3"190New Iberia, LA US
Jamie SurrattRRDecember 17, 19705'10"175
Brian SimmonsSRSeptember 4, 19736'2"185Mount Lebanon, PA US
Rafael RuizLLFebruary 17, 19756'0"170Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Alex PortilloLLDecember 27, 19746'1"175
Russ HerbertRRApril 21, 19726'3"195Cleveland, OH US
Darren HayesRRNovember 12, 19726'1"195Lenoir, NC US
Garret CarlsonRROctober 15, 19736'3"195
David CancelSRMarch 3, 19745'11"168Mayaguez, PR
Shane ButeauxRRDecember 28, 19716'3"202New Iberia, LA US
John BroomeRRJune 26, 19736'0"185Stratford, NJ US
Kevin BeirneLRJanuary 1, 19746'4"210Houston, TX US
Doug BeardenRRSeptember 11, 19756'2"180Columbia, SC US
Chuck AntczakRROctober 8, 19736'0"185Cleveland, OH US
Maycoll AnezRRJuly 21, 19766'3"185
John AmbroseRRNovember 1, 19746'5"180Evansville, IN US
Carlos CastilloRRApril 21, 19756'2"240Boston, MA US
Dennis CrineRRAugust 28, 19746'5"230
Allen HalleySRSeptember 7, 19716'1"195, SX
Ramon GomezRRMay 15, 19746'2"170Santa Cruz, DO
Steve FriedrichRRMay 29, 19736'0"175Tucson, AZ US
Jack FordLLNovember 30, 19716'0"170Mayfield, NY US
Adam ForbesLLJanuary 27, 19756'3"175Sydney, New South Wales AU
Marcos FereiraRRDecember 13, 19746'3"150Valencia, Carabobo VE
Brian DrentRRJuly 27, 19736'3"205Sibley, IA US
Jim DixonRROctober 7, 19726'3"195Anchorage, AK US
Nelson CruzRRSeptember 13, 19726'1"175Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata DO
Rashad AlbertRRSeptember 18, 19756'1"165Fernandina Beach, FL US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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