1937 Hazleton Red Sox Roster

New York-Pennsylvania League (NYPL) - Class: A
Team Record: 76-61
Finished 3rd in the NYPL
Manager: George Toporcer (76-61)
Affiliation: Boston Red Sox
Location: Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Ballpark: Cranberry Park
Attendance: 41,976, Avg. 613
1937 Hazleton Red Sox Statistics

Playoffs - Elmira Pioneers 3 games, Hazleton Red Sox 1

The Hazleton Red Sox of the New York-Pennsylvania League ended the 1937 season with a record of 76 wins and 61 losses, finishing third in the NYPL.

George Toporcer served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Jim BagbyRRSeptember 8, 19166'2"170Cleveland, OH US
Al BrazleLLOctober 19, 19136'2"185Loyal, OK US
Mike ChristoffRRSeptember 29, 19125'11"190Northampton, PA US
Joe CiceroRRNovember 18, 19105'8"167Atlantic City, NJ US
Merle ColemanLR6'4"
Bob DaughtersRRAugust 5, 19146'2"185Cincinnati, OH US
Guy FletcherRRAugust 23, 19106'0"190East Bend, NC US
Chick GenoveseLRNovember 23, 19145'9"170Staten Island, NY US
Aubrey GrahamL5'11"170
Charles HeyerR6'0"170
Lloyd JavetL5'11"175
Andy KarlRRApril 8, 19146'1"175Mount Vernon, NY US
Thomas KennyR5'8"160
Art MahanLLJune 8, 19135'11"178Somerville, MA US
Alex MustaikisRRMarch 26, 19096'3"180Chelsea, MA US
Fred NeislerRRJune 5, 19096'2"185
Eddie PopowskiRRAugust 20, 19135'5"145Sayreville, NJ US
James PowellRRFebruary 10, 19125'10"175St. Louis, MO US
Thomas RobertshawL5'10"170
Owen ScheetzRRDecember 24, 19136'0"190New Bedford, OH US
Bernie SnyderRRAugust 25, 19136'0"165Philadelphia, PA US
George TiceLLSeptember 8, 19015'11"155
George ToporcerLRFebruary 9, 18995'10"165New York, NY US
Zeke TrentRNovember 27, 19116'2"175, MO US
Robert WrightLL6'2"180

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