1922 Jersey City Colts Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 83-82
4th in the IL
Manager: Ben Egan (83-82)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Ballpark: West Side Park
Attendance: 118,133, Avg. 1,432
1922 Jersey City Colts Statistics

The Jersey City Colts of the International League ended the 1922 season with a record of 83 wins and 82 losses, fourth in the IL.

Ben Egan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BraunRRApril 10, 1895Brooklyn, NY US
Joe LuceyRRMarch 27, 18976'0"168Holyoke, MA US
Norman Lutz
Bill McCarrenRRNovember 4, 18955'11"170Fortenia, PA US
John Mercer
Dewey MetivierLRMay 6, 18985'11"175Cambridge, MA US
Thomas Ray
Otto Scheck
Jimmy SmithSRMay 15, 18955'9"152Pittsburgh, PA US
Robert TecarrL
Arthur Wagner
Al Woods
Edward Wurm
Reid Zellars
Bill KnowltonRRAugust 18, 18985'10"Philadelphia, PA US
Glenn KillingerSeptember 13, 1898Harrisburg, PA US
Robert Carruthers
Harry DamrauRRSeptember 11, 18905'10"178Newburgh, NY US
Frank DehaneyJune 3, 1896Middlesboro, KY US
Donald DonelsonLRFebruary 7, 1898Carey, OH US
Mike Dunn
Ben EganRRNovember 20, 18836'0"195Augusta, NY US
Jake FlowersRRMarch 16, 19025'11"170Cambridge, MD US
Otto Freitag
Julian Graveson
Hinkey HainesRRDecember 23, 18985'10"170Red Lion, PA US
Ollie HansonRRJanuary 19, 18965'11"178Holbrook, MA US
Red HoltLLJuly 25, 18945'11"175Dayton, TN US
Johnny Jacobs
William Zitman

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