1984 Jackson Mets Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 83-53
Finished 1st in the TL's East Division
Manager: Sam Perlozzo (83-53)
Affiliation: New York Mets
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Ballpark: Smith-Wills Stadium
Attendance: 119,007, Avg. 1,750
1984 Jackson Mets Statistics

Playoffs - Jackson Mets 4 games, Beaumont Golden Gators 2

The Jackson Mets of the Texas League ended the 1984 season with a record of 83 wins and 53 losses, finishing first in the league's East Division.

The Mets paced the league with just 525 runs allowed. Jackson scored 641 runs. Dave Cochrane led the squad with 22 home runs, while Billy Beane walloped 20 or more, too. Dave Cochrane drove in 77 runs. Billy Beane topped all qualifying hitters on the roster with a .281 average. Calvin Schiraldi paced the team with 14 wins and a team-best 2.88 earned run average, best among qualifying pitchers.

Calvin Schiraldi, Al Pedrique, Dave Cochrane, Billy Beane, Jeff Bettendorf, Rick Aguilera, Mark Carreon, Lenny Dykstra, Steve Springer, Floyd Youmans, DeWayne Vaughn, Jay Tibbs, Greg Olson, Randy Myers, Roger McDowell, Randy Milligan, Jeff Innis, Ed Hearn and Bill Latham were all players from the 1984 Jackson Mets who played in the Major Leagues during their careers.

Sam Perlozzo served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Rick AguileraRRDecember 31, 19616'4"195San Gabriel, CA US
Billy BeaneRRMarch 29, 19626'4"195Orlando, FL US
Jeff BettendorfRRDecember 10, 19606'3"180Lompoc, CA US
Matt BullingerLLMay 23, 19576'2"187Phosphur, LA US
Mark CarreonRLJuly 19, 19636'0"170Chicago, IL US
Dave CochraneSRJanuary 31, 19636'2"180Riverside, CA US
Darryl DenbySRJune 1, 19606'0"180San Diego, CA US
Lenny DykstraLLFebruary 10, 19635'10"160Santa Ana, CA US
Bill FultzRMay 26, 19616'2"199
Joe GravesROctober 5, 19596'1"175
Ed HearnRRAugust 23, 19606'3"215Stuart, FL US
Jeff InnisRRJuly 5, 19626'1"170Decatur, IL US
Reggie JacksonROctober 15, 19596'2"185
Bill LathamLLAugust 29, 19606'2"190Birmingham, AL US
Mark LockenmeyerRDecember 16, 19596'3"195
Billy MaxRRMarch 25, 19606'2"210
Roger McDowellRRDecember 21, 19606'1"175Cincinnati, OH US
Marlin McPhailRRNovember 24, 19606'0"185New London, CT US
Randy MilliganRRNovember 27, 19616'2"200San Diego, CA US
Randy MyersLLSeptember 19, 19626'1"190Vancouver, WA US
Rick MylesLLApril 12, 19596'3"192Kokomo, IN US
Rick O'KeeffeLLJuly 26, 19576'6"225Bronx, NY US
Greg OlsonRRSeptember 6, 19606'0"200Marshall, MN US
Al PedriqueRRAugust 11, 19606'0"155Valencia, Carabobo VE
Rich PickettLJuly 11, 19596'1"193
Calvin SchiraldiRRJune 16, 19626'5"215Houston, TX US
Steve SpringerRRFebruary 11, 19616'0"190Long Beach, CA US
Jay TibbsRRJanuary 4, 19626'3"185Birmingham, AL US
Fermin UbriRRMay 5, 19575'11"160
DeWayne VaughnRRJuly 22, 19595'11"180Oklahoma City, OK US
Floyd YoumansRRMay 11, 19646'2"180Tampa, FL US

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