1912 Kewanee Boilermakers Roster

Central Association (CA) - Class: D
Team Record: 74-51
2nd in the CA
Manager: George Pennington (0-0), Art Queisser (0-0)
Location: Kewanee, Illinois
Ballpark: Unknown
Attendance: 19,000, Avg. 304
1912 Kewanee Boilermakers Statistics

The Kewanee Boilermakers of the Central Association ended the 1912 season with a record of 74 wins and 51 losses second in the CA. George Pennington and Art Queisser served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Doc AndrewsSRAugust 8, 1873Chicago, IL US
John AshleyOctober 22, 1884, IL US
Guy BeardOctober 26, 1888Kingman, KS US
Charles Block
Nick Carter
William ClaytonJuly 17, 1887Corsicana, TX US
Ed Coleman
James DrohanLJuly 0, 1877Fall River, MA US
Tom DrohanRRAugust 26, 18875'10"175Fall River, MA US
Lee Fogg
W. P. Fox
Fred Goessler
Raymond Harvey
Arthur HippertDecember 8, 1882Galesbury, IL US
Duke HollenbeckLMarch 30, 1884Wesley, IA US
Fred HouseRROctober 3, 18906'3"190Cabool, MO US
Earl Hubbart
Frank Johnson
Marion KilpatrickMay 6, 1886, IL US
Frank KurkeNovember 1, 1885
George PenningtonDecember 16, 1882
Ernest Robertson
Tommy RonanOctober 0, 1883Chicago, IL US
Charles Saxe
Roxey Walters

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