1955 Kingsport Cherokees Roster

Appalachian League (AL) - Class: D
Team Record: 64-62
3rd in the AL
Manager: Muscle Shoals (64-62)
Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
Attendance: 20,328, Avg. 323
1955 Kingsport Cherokees Statistics

Playoffs - Salem Rebels 2 games, Kingsport Cherokees 0

The Kingsport Cherokees of the Appalachian League ended the 1955 season with a record of 64 wins and 62 losses, third in the AL.

The Cherokees scored 761 runs and allowed 721 runs. Muscle Shoals served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Robert WyzykowskiRR6'1"205
Thomas O'DellRR6'2"178
William MorganRL5'11"169
George Mato
Willie Mann
James Lindsey
Jimmy LailLR5'11"170
Fred KitchenR6'0"190
Dale KingmaLRFebruary 22, 19356'3"206Lansing, IL US
Robert PrattL5'11"175
Rudy RiskaSR6'2"165
Thomas Rockwell
Fred Weinhaus
Andrew Tobias
Jose TaboadaR5'9"150
Juan SolerR6'0"170
Muscle ShoalsLOctober 3, 19165'11"210
Bob ShaulisROctober 29, 19306'0"200
Gordon RoyceRLDecember 26, 19346'1"180Windsor, CT US
Augustin Rodriguez
Harry Jones
Jose Herrera
Vincent CimminoRR5'10"182
Johnny CharlesRRJuly 4, 19285'7"160Trenton, NJ US
Rocco CambareriL5'7"175
Gerald BrackettRRJanuary 26, 19326'0"170Cleveland County, NC US
Jose BarriosR6'1"180
George BaileyL6'2"205
Robert AndersonLRFebruary 1, 19356'1"160
Jim AndersRRJune 4, 19306'1"175
Leonard CumberbatchR5'10"155
Charles DolleyL5'11"172
Ed Du PlessisRNovember 24, 19335'11"155
Sergio HebraRR5'10"160, MX
Robert HathawayRRApril 21, 19326'0"175
Donald GorrondonaRR6'1"180
Waldo GonzalezRRApril 30, 19356'0"165
Jesus GonzalezR5'11"160
George GilesL5'8"150
Jim FreemanRRJune 29, 19346'3"190
Edgar FieldsL6'2"210

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