1951 Klamath Falls Gems Roster

Far West League (FWL) - Class: D
Team Record: 74-54
Finished 2nd in the FWL
Manager: William DeCarlo (74-54)
Affiliation: Philadelphia Phillies
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Ballpark: Gem Stadium
Attendance: 41,115, Avg. 642
1951 Klamath Falls Gems Statistics

Playoffs - Klamath Falls Gems 3 games, Redding Browns 0

The Klamath Falls Gems of the Far West League ended the 1951 season with a record of 74 wins and 54 losses, finishing second in the FWL.

The Gems scored 1031 runs, best in the league. Klamath Falls gave up 819 runs. Stanley Roseboro paced all regular hitters by connecting at a .409 clip. James Foster topped the team with 15 wins, while Russell Foster registered a 4.15 earned run average, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Bob Bowman and Troy Herriage both played in Major League Baseball during their careers.

William DeCarlo served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Robert BandelierRLAugust 26, 19335'10"158Pawhuska, OK US
Clyde BlevinsLRApril 21, 19285'11"185
Bob BowmanRRMay 10, 19316'1"195Laytonville, CA US
Gene CampOctober 27, 1926
Bert ConvyLLJuly 23, 1933St. Louis, MO US
William CunninghamRRApril 4, 19326'1"185Rush Springs, OK US
William DeCarloRROctober 12, 19166'0"185North Hollywood, CA US
Jerold DoddsR6'1"185
James FosterRROctober 14, 19245'10"173
Russell FosterLL6'1"186
Bill GelsingerRRMay 10, 19325'11"165Glendale, CA US
Troy HerriageRRDecember 20, 19306'1"170Tipton, OK US
Benjamin JeffeyLL6'1"175
Charles KitsmanLROctober 2, 19305'11"165Seattle, WA US
Jack LeeLLMay 21, 19326'1"183Bowling Green, MO US
Ben LorinoLLMay 21, 19286'1"195Trinidad, CO US
Frank MatayaLOctober 24, 19285'11"185
Gerald MerrittR6'0"180
Lonnie MyersRROctober 11, 19315'11"180Everett, WA US
John PayneRRSeptember 8, 19316'2"175
Emery PettyL5'8"168
Stanley RoseboroLRJune 10, 19285'10"160Walla Walla, WA US
Eddie SackRAugust 25, 19326'1"195
William StumpusRRDecember 14, 19275'10"160Boston, MA US

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