2002 Kalamazoo Kings Roster

Frontier League (FL) - Independent
Team Record: 46-38
Finished 3rd in the FL's East Division
Manager: Woody Sorrell (46-38)
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ballpark: Sutherland Field
Attendance: 103,880, Avg. 2,597 in 40 home dates
2002 Kalamazoo Kings Statistics

Playoffs - Washington Wild Things 2 games, Kalamazoo Kings 0

The Kalamazoo Kings of the Frontier League ended the 2002 season with a record of 46 wins and 38 losses, finishing third in the league's East Division.

The Kings tallied 409 runs and yielded 395 runs. Joe Gerber paced Kalamazoo with 19 home runs and drove in 68 runs. Chris Carter led all regular hitters by hitting .329. Matt Gunderson topped the team with 8 wins, while Denny McGee recorded a 2.49 ERA, leading pitchers with enough qualifying appearances. Woody Sorrell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Steven BeckRRJuly 3, 19796'0"190Baytown, TX US
Rob BrockmanRRApril 7, 19776'3"200
Trevor BrownRRApril 17, 19796'2"220Eugene, OR US
Chris CarterRRFebruary 13, 19796'1"195Passaic, NJ US
Joey CavalloLLFebruary 17, 19796'1"180
Haydn ChinnLRMarch 27, 19795'11"180
Josh CookRRSeptember 30, 19756'1"215Plainville, IL US
Dytarious EdwardsLRAugust 5, 19766'0"165Detroit, MI US
Joe EstepLLDecember 14, 19775'10"195Portsmouth, OH US
Tim FrankhouseRRFebruary 19, 19806'2"205
Joe GerberLLAugust 27, 19786'2"220Portland, OR US
Shawn GillespieRRApril 7, 19756'2"175Exeter, ON CA
Mike GitsSRJuly 20, 19786'5"215Portland, OR US
Kyle GoldwaterRRAugust 14, 19786'1"190Farmingdale, NJ US
Jeff GundersonSRMay 15, 19795'11"160
Matt GundersonSRApril 29, 19776'1"175Redding, CA US
Terry HaydenLLJune 26, 19756'6"215Detroit, MI US
Jon HuizingaRROctober 16, 19796'4"200Grand Rapids, MI US
Jason ImmekusRRNovember 16, 19756'1"215Denver, CO US
Mat KentLRJuly 2, 19806'3"190Melbourne, Victoria AU
Phil KojackRRApril 16, 19765'8"165St. Paul, MN US
Denny McGeeRROctober 26, 19786'0"215
David McWattersRRMay 10, 19786'1"175Glen Waverly, Victoria AU
Mark MorrisRRNovember 7, 19776'1"190
Lee NaplinRRJuly 30, 19796'3"205
Keith NawrockiRRDecember 21, 19796'3"205
Ryan PeaveyRRMarch 31, 19755'10"185Pontiac, MI US
Josh RaiburnRRMay 22, 19795'9"160
Michael ScarinciRRDecember 20, 19795'10"180Franklin Square, NY US
Kyle ScottRRMarch 6, 19806'4"220
Bret ShafferRRJune 9, 19786'1"170
Matt SheetsRRSeptember 16, 19776'2"205Mount Pleasant, MI US
Walt SimmonsRRJune 11, 19806'1"205
Aaron SleddLLDecember 27, 19755'11"200Memphis, TN US
Ryan TakachLLJanuary 27, 19785'11"187South Bend, IN US
Reggie WaltersLLDecember 6, 19786'2"200
Greg WiltshireRRMarch 1, 19806'3"215Melbourne, Victoria AU
Jeff WoolsLLMay 1, 19766'1"205

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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