1932 Knoxville Smokies Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: A
Team Record: 60-93
Finished 8th in the SA
Manager: Joe Schepner (0-0), Bernie Neis (0-0)
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Ballpark: Smithson Stadium
Attendance: 57,780, Avg. 755
1932 Knoxville Smokies Statistics

The Knoxville Smokies of the Southern Association ended the 1932 season with a record of 60 wins and 93 losses, finishing eighth in the SA.

Joe Schepner and Bernie Neis served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ed Baxter
Frederick BedoreRRMarch 31, 19046'1"172Chicago, IL US
Elliot BigelowLLOctober 13, 18975'11"185Tarpon Springs, FL US
Cecil BoltonLLFebruary 13, 19046'4"195Booneville, MS US
Dennis BurnsRRMay 24, 18985'10"180Tiff City, MO US
Hooks CotterLLMay 22, 19005'10"160Holden, MO US
James EdwardsRLDecember 14, 18946'2"185Banner, MS US
Howard FreigauRRAugust 1, 19025'10"160Dayton, OH US
Mercer HarrisLFebruary 15, 19096'1"178
Lee HeadRRJanuary 19, 18995'7"170Birmingham, AL US
Billy HolmRRJuly 21, 19125'10"168Chicago, IL US
Ernie HorneRR5'7"164Paris, AR US
Trader HorneSRApril 12, 18985'9"155Bachman, OH US
Elmer JacobsRRAugust 10, 18926'0"165Salem, MO US
Herman Jones
Benn KarrLRNovember 28, 18936'0"175Mount Pleasant, MS US
Joe KlugmannRRMarch 26, 18955'11"175St. Louis, MO US
Rudy LaskowskiRRMarch 25, 19155'7"165Chicago, IL US
Bob LoganRLFebruary 10, 19105'10"170Thompson, NE US
Eddie MayoLRApril 15, 19105'11"178Holyoke, MA US
Ralph McAdamsRJanuary 10, 19046'0"180
Bernie NeisSRSeptember 26, 18955'7"160Bloomington, IL US
Luther RoyRRJuly 29, 19025'10"161Ooltewah, TN US
James SeagravesMarch 1, 1908Atlanta, GA US
Jack SheehanSRApril 15, 18935'8"165Chicago, IL US
George SmithRROctober 27, 19016'1"175Louisville, KY US
Stuffy StewartRRJanuary 31, 18945'9"160Jasper, FL US
Tommy TaylorRRSeptember 17, 18925'8"160Mexia, TX US
William ThomasRRJanuary 9, 19055'11"180St. Louis, MO US
Ray ThompsonRRMay 8, 19045'11"185Milwaukee, WI US
Frank WaddeyLLAugust 21, 19055'10"185Memphis, TN US
Johnny WertsRRApril 20, 18985'10"180Pomaria, SC US
Earl WilliamsRRJanuary 27, 19036'0"185Cumberland Gap, TN US
Guy WilliamsNovember 24, 1900Quanan, TX US

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