1938 Knoxville Smokies Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: A1
Team Record: 59-91
8th in the SA
Manager: Neil Caldwell (59-91)
Affiliation: Pittsburgh Pirates
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Ballpark: Smithson Stadium
Attendance: 70,429, Avg. 939
1938 Knoxville Smokies Statistics

The Knoxville Smokies of the Southern Association ended the 1938 season with a record of 59 wins and 91 losses eighth in the SA. Neil Caldwell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ralph WilliamsRR6'1"170
Rip SchroederSR6'3"175
Morris SandsL6'0"170
Proctor RichmondR5'10"153
Mel PreibischRRNovember 23, 19145'11"185Sealy, TX US
Mike PowersLLMarch 2, 19066'1"185Toddspoint, KY US
Howard PeckmanLL6'3"195
Elbert PadgettRR6'4"180
Tom OliverRRJanuary 15, 19036'0"168Montgomery, AL US
Charles SchuppRROctober 19, 19155'11"170, KY US
Andy SierraLLJanuary 28, 19166'3"210Bay St. Louis, MS US
Julian WascoRRApril 14, 19156'2"175Kingston, PA US
Dallas WarrenLDecember 24, 19086'0"178Agra, OK US
Bennie WarrenRRMarch 2, 19126'1"184Elk City, OK US
Maurice Van RobaysRRNovember 15, 19146'0"190Detroit, MI US
Tommy ThomasRRDecember 23, 18995'10"175Baltimore, MD US
Alex StutzkeR5'10"182
William Stevens
Clarence NachandRDecember 29, 19075'11"185, KY US
Lauri MyllykangasRR5'11"175
Cy MooreRRFebruary 7, 19056'1"178Elberton, GA US
Howie GormanLLMay 14, 19136'2"160Pittsburgh, PA US
Bob ElliottRRNovember 26, 19166'0"185San Francisco, CA US
Bill EhrensbergerRRFebruary 12, 19146'1"185
Bill ClemensenRRJune 20, 19196'1"193New Brunswick, NJ US
John CampbellRRSeptember 13, 19076'1"184Washington, DC US
Jack CalveyRRFebruary 13, 19115'11"160Chicago, IL US
Neil CaldwellRJuly 16, 19076'0"180
Charles BiggsRRApril 14, 19125'11"165Greenbrier, AR US
Bud HafeyRRAugust 6, 19126'0"185Berkeley, CA US
Tom HafeyRRJuly 12, 19136'1"180Berkeley, CA US
Jim McClureLLJune 12, 19145'8"135Ringgold, GA US
Gordon MaltzbergerRRSeptember 4, 19126'0"170Utopia, TX US
Paul KardowRRSeptember 19, 19156'6"210Humble, TX US
George KadisLLOctober 1, 19166'0"175Worcester, MA US
Jimmy JordanRRJanuary 13, 19085'9"157Tucapau, SC US
Bill HughesRRNovember 18, 18965'10"155Philadelphia, PA US
George HocketteLLApril 7, 19086'0"174Perth, MS US
W. W. Henslee
Lawrence BerryR6'1"195

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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