1899 London Cockneys Roster

Canadian League (CL) - Class: D
Team Record: 64-28
1st in the CL
Manager: Pete Lohman (64-28)
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Ballpark: Labatt Park

1899 London Cockneys Statistics

The London Cockneys of the Canadian League ended the 1899 season with a record of 64 wins and 28 losses, first in the CL. Pete Lohman served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BabbittSeptember 17, 18745'7"Oakland, CA US
Charles SchwartzRR
Bill Reid
Hugh Price
Kid MohlerLLDecember 13, 18705'4"145Oneida, IL US
Guy McFaddenSeptember 3, 1872Topeka, KS US
Jack McConnell
Pete LohmanRROctober 21, 18645'10"180Washington County, MN US
Charlie JonesRRJune 2, 18766'1"165Butler, PA US
Billy Howells
Buck FrancksRRNovember 2, 18775'10"Los Angeles, CA US
Charles CroweRDecember 24, 18725'11"165Philadelphia, PA US
Tommy CopeNovember 8, 18785'8"160
Thomas Cooper
Will Carey
Ed SieverLLApril 2, 18755'11"190Goddard, KS US

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