1907 Lincoln Ducklings Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 79-63
Finished 2nd in the WL
Manager: Ducky Holmes (79-63)
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Ballpark: Main Street Park

1907 Lincoln Ducklings Statistics

The Lincoln Ducklings of the Western League ended the 1907 season with a record of 79 wins and 63 losses, finishing second in the WL.

Ducky Holmes served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Eddie CicotteSRJune 19, 18845'9"175Springwells, MI US
Bill DavidsonRRMay 10, 18845'10"170Lafayette, IN US
Del Delair
Arthur FenlonJuly 10, 1878Franklin, NE US
Bill FoxSRJanuary 15, 18725'10"160Sturbridge, MA US
Ed GagnierRRApril 16, 18835'9"170Hamtramck, MI US
George HarmsApril 30, 1881
Ducky HolmesLRJanuary 28, 18695'6"170Des Moines, IA US
John Jones
Fred KetchumLRJuly 27, 18755'8"157Elmira, NY US
Reeve McKayRNovember 16, 18816'1"168Morgan, TX US
Wallace ReddickMay 15, 1882
Clarence SteenNovember 1, 1883Wahoo, NE US
Archie StimmelRRMay 30, 18736'0"175Woodsboro, MD US
Jim SullivanMarch 31, 18745'11"175San Francisco, CA US
Jack ThomasRRFebruary 20, 18785'11"165
George ZackertLLDecember 24, 18846'0"177Horton, VT US
Eddie ZinramNovember 26, 1870, PA US

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