1884 Lancaster Ironsides Roster

Eastern League (EL)
Team Record: 30-31
Finished 2nd in the EL
Manager: Robert Clark (0-0), C. F. Stoner (0-0)
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Ballpark: Unknown

1884 Lancaster Ironsides Statistics

The Lancaster Ironsides of the Eastern League ended the 1884 season with a record of 30 wins and 31 losses, finishing second in the EL.Lancaster also entered the league July 22.

Robert Clark and C. F. Stoner served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Nick Bradley
Gene DerbyLFebruary 3, 18605'7"160Fitchburg, MA US
James Donald
Frank ForemanRRMay 1, 18636'0"160Baltimore, MD US
Jake GoodmanSeptember 14, 18536'1"Lancaster, PA US
John Green
John GuehrerMilwaukee, WI US
J. H. Hamilton
Bill HigginsRDecember 4, 18595'9"155Camden, DE US
William HyndmanOctober 1, 18545'8"150Philadelphia, PA US
Charlie IngrahamApril 8, 18605'11"170Peru, OH US
Jim McTamanyRRJuly 4, 18635'8"190Philadelphia, PA US
Dave OldfieldSLDecember 18, 18645'7"175Philadelphia, PA US
Harry PyleLNovember 29, 18615'8"136Reading, PA US
E. Shay
Phil TomneyRRJune 17, 18635'7"155Reading, PA US
William ZecherAugust 23, 1861

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