1887 Lynn Lions Roster

New England League (NEL)
Team Record: 40-64
6th in the NEL
Manager: George Brackett (0-0), Henry Murphy (0-0)
Location: Lynn, Massachusetts
Ballpark: West Lynn Grounds, Glenmere Park

1887 Lynn Lions Statistics

The Lynn Lions of the New England League ended the 1887 season with a record of 40 wins and 64 losses, sixth in the NEL. George Brackett and Henry Murphy served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Maurice Bresnahan
Samuel Matthews
Bill McCafferyApril 1, 1862121Baltimore, MD US
Robert McCracken
Tony MurphyJuly 0, 18595'6"145New York, NY US
Billy MurrayApril 13, 1864Peabody, MA US
James O'Brien
Fred Oaks
Frank SpillFebruary 0, 1861, England GB
Charlie SpragueLLOctober 10, 18645'11"150Cleveland, OH US
George Stone
Jerry SweeneySeptember 4, 18575'9"157Boston, MA US
Edmund TerrienApril 1, 1861
O. S. Visner
Alfred Whartenby
John Lynch
Henry LynchSApril 8, 18665'7"143Worcester, MA US
Roger Carey, NY US
William Cook
Tommy CorcoranRRJanuary 4, 18695'9"164New Haven, CT US
Roscoe CoughlinRMarch 15, 18685'10"160Walpole, MA US
Sam CraneRRJanuary 2, 18546'0"190Springfield, MA US
Fred DemaraisRNovember 1, 18665'9"168Montreal, QC CA
Jim DevlinLLApril 16, 18665'7"135Troy, NY US
Steve DunnLDecember 21, 18585'9"173London, ON CA
Bill FaganLLFebruary 15, 18655'11"165Troy, NY US
Joe FarrellR5'6"160Brooklyn, NY US
John FitzgeraldMay 30, 1870Natick, MA US
Whitey GibsonROctober 6, 18685'9"178Lancaster, PA US
George HenryRRAugust 10, 18635'9"180Philadelphia, PA US
Sadie HouckRRFebruary 29, 18565'7"151Washington, DC US
John LeightonLLOctober 4, 18615'11"170Peabody, MA US
William Wilson

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