1948 Leaksville-Draper-Spray/Abingdon Triplets Roster

Blue Ridge League (BRL) - Class: D
Team Record: 43-81
6th in the BRL
Manager: Bernie Loman (0-0), Joseph Santomauro (0-0)
Location: Spray, North Carolina; Draper, North Carolina; Abingdon, Virginia; Leaksville, North Carolina
Ballpark: Unknown, Tri-City Baseball Park
Attendance: 16,624, Avg. 268
1948 Leaksville-Draper-Spray/Abingdon Triplets Statistics

The Leaksville-Draper-Spray/Abingdon Triplets of the Blue Ridge League ended the 1948 season with a record of 43 wins and 81 losses, sixth in the BRL.Leaksville-Draper-Spray (33-16) moved to Abingdon June 18.

Bernie Loman and Joseph Santomauro served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John Bednarchik
Alfred Lombardi
William LongR5'8"152
Jim McAlisterL5'9"158
Jim MooneyRLSeptember 4, 19065'11"168Mooresburg, TN US
Edgar Morton
Edward NeighborsR5'11"165
Marcelo Rodriguez
Marion Rogers
Joseph RovnerR5'10"180
Joseph Santomauro
Joseph Steffen
Dick StocktonRJuly 2, 19286'1"185
Joseph VendettaRROctober 24, 19225'9"160
Leon Vercruysse
Henry Wadsworth
John WatsonS6'1"215
Bernie LomanRNovember 20, 19216'0"167Greensboro, NC US
Frederick Lenhardt
Frank BellazziRR5'10"158
Bruce BlumenthalR6'1"190
Frank Cirelli
Edward CousinsR5'11"180
Donald Curtis
Amado DiazRR6'1"172
Robert Doukis
John Dourney
Frank Emerson
John GlennRRJuly 10, 19286'3"180Moultrie, GA US
George GreeneRRMarch 10, 19256'0"170
Charles Hardaby
Joseph Harrison
Richard Holbrook
Angelo IannacconeAugust 4, 1929Newark, NJ US
Edward KruzdloJuly 20, 1927
John Wilson

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