1986 Midland Angels Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 62-71
Finished 3rd in the TL's West Division
Manager: Joe Maddon (62-71)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: Midland, Texas
Ballpark: Christensen Stadium
Attendance: 129,674, Avg. 1,950
1986 Midland Angels Statistics

The Midland Angels of the Texas League ended the 1986 season with a record of 62 wins and 71 losses, finishing third in the league's West Division.

The Angels tallied 779 runs and yielded 766 runs, most in the league. Kevin King walloped 30 home runs for Midland, while Sap Randall and Glen Walker swatted 20 or more also. Kevin King and Sap Randall each accounted for 93 RBI. Sap Randall led all regular hitters by hitting .331. Rafael Pimentel and Terry Clark topped the team with 9 wins each, and Rafael Pimentel registered a 4.84 earned run average, leading regularly-used pitchers.

Players from the 1986 Midland Angels who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Dante Bichette, Brian Brady, Pete Coachman, Terry Clark, DeWayne Buice, Sherman Corbett, Mike Cook, Doug Davis, Mark McLemore, Vance Lovelace, Urbano Lugo, Pat Keedy, Sap Randall and Jeff Schaefer.

Joe Maddon served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Doug BanningRRMay 3, 19616'1"190Englewood, CO US
Dante BichetteRRNovember 18, 19636'3"215West Palm Beach, FL US
Brian BradyLLJuly 11, 19625'11"185Elmhurst, NY US
DeWayne BuiceRRAugust 20, 19576'0"170Lynwood, CA US
Mike ButlerLDecember 26, 19616'4"195
Richie CarterRRNovember 4, 19616'3"195Hood River Valley, OR US
Vinicio CedenoRApril 6, 19645'10"185La Romana, La Romana DO
Terry ClarkRROctober 18, 19606'2"195Los Angeles, CA US
Pete CoachmanRRNovember 11, 19615'9"175Cottonwood, AL US
Mike CookRRAugust 14, 19636'3"200Charleston, SC US
Sherman CorbettLLNovember 3, 19626'4"205New Braunfels, TX US
Doug DavisRRSeptember 24, 19626'0"180Bloomsburg, PA US
Julian GonzalezRRAugust 20, 19646'3"175, PR
Randy HarveyLLApril 3, 19616'3"203
Dave HeathRRJune 19, 19606'2"215Ozark, AL US
John HotchkissRRSeptember 6, 19596'3"195
Pat KeedyRRJanuary 10, 19586'4"205Birmingham, AL US
Kevin KingSLDecember 14, 19606'3"215
Steve LiddleRRMarch 4, 19596'4"205Nashville, TN US
Vance LovelaceLLAugust 9, 19636'5"205Tampa, FL US
Urbano LugoRRAugust 12, 19626'0"185Punto Fijo, Falcon VE
Mike MadrilSRSeptember 25, 19595'9"160Mesa, AZ US
Mark McLemoreSROctober 4, 19645'11"175San Diego, CA US
Bill MerrifieldRRMay 7, 19626'4"200Waukegan, IL US
Dave MontanariLRJune 10, 19605'11"180
Rafael PimentelRRJune 15, 19596'0"165Bani, Peravia DO
Bryan PriceLJune 22, 19626'2"190San Francisco, CA US
Sap RandallSRAugust 19, 19605'11"195Mobile, AL US
Mike RomanovskyLDecember 8, 19616'1"185
Al RomeroRRApril 19, 19596'0"200Long Beach, CA US
Jeff SchaeferRRMay 31, 19605'10"170Patchogue, NY US
Larry SmithLOctober 10, 19605'11"208
Don TimberlakeRRJanuary 14, 19646'3"190Butner, NC US
Raul TovarRRNovember 14, 19586'1"183Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Phil VenturinoRJanuary 26, 19636'2"180
Glen WalkerRRJanuary 31, 19586'0"185Los Angeles, CA US

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