1984 Midland Cubs Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 52-84
Finished 4th in the TL's West Division
Manager: George Enright (52-84)
Affiliation: Chicago Cubs
Location: Midland, Texas
Ballpark: Christensen Stadium
Attendance: 101,312, Avg. 1,490
1984 Midland Cubs Statistics

The Midland Cubs of the Texas League ended the 1984 season with a record of 52 wins and 84 losses, finishing fourth in the league's West Division.

The Cubs plated 577 runs and yielded 716 runs, most in the league. Dan Norman paced Midland with 21 home runs, while Jeff Jones and Darrin Jackson walloped 20 or more as well. Jeff Jones drove in 82 runs and topped batters with significant playing time with a .304 average. Jim Boudreau and Joe Housey led the team with 7 wins each, and Doug Potestio recorded a 3.32 ERA, leading hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Members of the 1984 Midland Cubs who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Steve Lake, Jeff Jones, Darrin Jackson, Shawon Dunston, Ray Soff, Mike Capel, Mike Brumley, Paul Noce, Dan Norman, Tom Veryzer and Gary Varsho.

George Enright served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Mike AnicichRRMay 16, 19576'2"200Sacramento, CA US
Jim AutenRRNovember 9, 19576'1"200
Ricky BakerSRJanuary 31, 19585'9"160St. Louis, MO US
Darryl BanksRRJune 12, 19606'1"205
Jim BoudreauLLDecember 15, 19595'10"180Harvey, IL US
Mike BrumleySRApril 9, 19635'10"165Oklahoma City, OK US
Neil BryantLDecember 5, 19606'2"180
Mike CapelRROctober 13, 19616'1"175Marshall, TX US
Jorge CarpioRFebruary 26, 19626'0"165
Tandy CharleyLLMarch 18, 19636'1"190Aberdeen, WA US
Troy ChestnutRJune 30, 19626'1"160
Tony CordovaRRSeptember 12, 19615'10"163
Dave DentonRRDecember 22, 19545'9"160Las Vegas, NV US
Shawon DunstonRRMarch 21, 19636'1"175Brooklyn, NY US
Jeff FrugeRSeptember 13, 19625'11"180
Joe HendersonSRAugust 24, 19606'2"188
Joe HouseyRJune 27, 19596'2"170
Larry HrynkoRRNovember 9, 19576'3"200Chicago, IL US
John HueyRRJuly 12, 19606'5"170
Don HymanRRMarch 10, 19585'11"175
Darrin JacksonRRAugust 22, 19636'0"185Los Angeles, CA US
Scott JohnsonLFebruary 17, 19606'2"185
Jeff JonesRROctober 22, 19576'2"200Philadelphia, PA US
Ron KaufmanROctober 27, 19595'9"165
Steve LakeRRMarch 14, 19576'1"180Inglewood, CA US
Jeffrey MoscaretL5'11"175
Paul NoceRRDecember 16, 19595'10"175San Francisco, CA US
Dan NormanRRJanuary 11, 19556'2"195Los Angeles, CA US
Doug PotestioRFebruary 24, 19606'2"190
Ken PryceRAugust 18, 19576'2"195
Ron RichardsonRMarch 26, 19616'6"220
Dave RosenhahnRROctober 28, 19606'0"180
Jeff RutledgeRRDecember 29, 19606'1"180
Ray SoffRROctober 31, 19586'0"185Adrian, MI US
Gary VarshoLRJune 20, 19615'11"190Marshfield, WI US
Tom VeryzerRRFebruary 11, 19536'1"175Port Jefferson, NY US
Tony WoodsRRJanuary 6, 19626'1"190

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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