1889 Milwaukee Creams Roster

Western Association (WA)
Team Record: 58-63
5th in the WA
Manager: Ezra Sutton (58-63)
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ballpark: Borchert Field

1889 Milwaukee Creams Statistics

The Milwaukee Creams of the Western Association ended the 1889 season with a record of 58 wins and 63 losses, fifth in the WA.

Ezra Sutton served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Gus AlbertsRRSeptember 0, 18605'6"180Reading, PA US
Gus KrockRRMay 9, 18666'0"196Milwaukee, WI US
Joe LohbeckJanuary 28, 1868St. Louis, MO US
Bobby LoweRRJuly 10, 18655'10"150Pittsburgh, PA US
Thomas McCullum
George McVeyRRSeptember 16, 18656'1"185Port Jervis, NY US
Lynn MillsFebruary 0, 1862
Mike MorrisonRRFebruary 6, 18675'8"156Erie, PA US
Tom MorrisseyMay 0, 18605'11"180Janesville, WI US
Tom PoormanLROctober 14, 18575'7"135Lock Haven, PA US
William Shenkel
George ShochRRJanuary 6, 18595'6"158Philadelphia, PA US
Ed SilchRRFebruary 22, 18656'2"180St. Louis, MO US
Ezra SuttonRRSeptember 17, 18495'8"153Seneca Falls, NY US
Ed KnouffRRJune 0, 1867160Philadelphia, PA US
Billy KlusmanRRMarch 24, 18655'10"185Cincinnati, OH US
Wayne Kirby
Dan Alexander
Tod BrynanRRJuly 30, 18635'10"156Philadelphia, PA US
Ed Clark5'10"Cincinnati, OH US
William Crossley
George DaviesRFebruary 22, 1868180Portage, WI US
Howard EarlFebruary 25, 18676'2"180Palmyra, NY US
Bobby EmmerkeDecember 23, 1866
Julie FreemanRRNovember 7, 1868, MO US
Billy FullerAugust 8, 1865
Clark GriffithRRNovember 20, 18695'6"156Clear Creek, MO US
Bill HassamaerJuly 26, 18646'0"180St. Louis, MO US
Joseph HerrRRMarch 4, 18655'9"179St. Louis, MO US
Jerry HurleyRRJune 15, 18636'0"190Boston, MA US
Duke Jantzen6'2"180
Ed KeasJanuary 2, 1863Dubuque, IA US
Frank Wells

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