1964 Modesto Colts Roster

California League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 58-81
Finished 7th in the CL
Manager: Chuck Churn (58-81)
Affiliation: Houston Colt .45's
Location: Modesto, California
Ballpark: Del Webb Field
Attendance: 16,849, Avg. 242
1964 Modesto Colts Statistics

The Modesto Colts of the California League ended the 1964 season with a record of 58 wins and 81 losses, finishing seventh in the CL.

Chuck Churn served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Gerald ArdRRJuly 10, 19446'2"170San Francisco, CA US
Michael BennettSLJuly 1, 19436'0"165Kansas City, MO US
Michael BukilicaRR6'1"185
Tom BurgmeierLLAugust 2, 19435'11"185St. Paul, MN US
Chuck ChurnRRFebruary 1, 19306'3"205Bridgetown, VA US
Ron ColeRRSeptember 26, 19425'11"175King City, CA US
Joseph FloodRR5'11"168
Bob FratiRRJune 23, 19415'11"190Santa Rosa, CA US
John GoetzRROctober 24, 19376'0"185Goetzville, MI US
Alan GoldfieldRLJuly 20, 19435'11"168Brooklyn, NY US
Jim HansenRRAugust 17, 19376'1"195Portland, OR US
Edward HarrarRRSeptember 4, 19436'4"205Abington, PA US
Lee HymanRR6'0"165
Tom JohnsonRRDecember 6, 19426'1"182San Antonio, TX US
George LustigRR6'1"175
Jack McClureRRDecember 13, 19456'0"175Asher, OK US
Ed MoxeyRRJuly 8, 19425'7"185Nassau, BS
Charles MurrayLRSeptember 8, 19436'0"175
Lou NelsonRROctober 19, 19466'2"183Alexandria, LA US
Joe PanellaLLOctober 2, 19405'11"185Oakland, CA US
Juan QuintanaRRMay 15, 19466'1"187, MX
Martin RuckRRJanuary 26, 19446'0"185
Michael SloanSLJuly 4, 19446'0"180Hayward, CA US
Stevenson SmithRR6'1"175
Oliverio SparksRROctober 3, 19445'10"180
Frank ThomasRRAugust 22, 19446'4"200
Andrew TorrenceLR6'1"180
Herbert TroyRRJanuary 14, 19416'1"196
Robert WalenczykLR6'2"185
Charles WardenRRApril 10, 19446'1"190
Charles WillettRRJuly 29, 19416'3"205
Dennis WillettRR5'11"170
Thomas WillwerthRL6'2"170
Dave WoodsRRAugust 13, 19436'6"225
James ZwergelRRAugust 9, 19426'3"200Pittsburgh, PA US

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