1963 Moultrie Colt .22's Roster

Georgia-Florida League (GGL) - Class: A
Team Record: 62-54
2nd in the GGL
Manager: Jim Walton (62-54)
Affiliation: Houston Colt .45's
Location: Moultrie, Georgia
Ballpark: Edgar Holmes Park
Attendance: 11,401, Avg. 197
1963 Moultrie Colt .22's Statistics

The Moultrie Colt .22's of the Georgia-Florida League ended the 1963 season with a record of 62 wins and 54 losses, second in the GGL.

The Colt .22's paced the league with just 432 runs allowed. Moultrie scored 454 runs. Charles Murray led the team with 15 home runs Robert Walenczyk accounted for 53 RBI. Dennis Willett topped all regular batters by connecting at a .292 clip. Frank Thomas and Bobby Black paced the squad with 10 wins each, while Frank Thomas recorded a 2.27 ERA, tops among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1963 Moultrie Colt .22's who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Jay Dahl, Larry Howard, Chuck Churn and Ivan Murrell.

Jim Walton served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Nicomedes AizpuruaRR5'11"155
Ivan MurrellRRApril 24, 19436'2"195, Bocas del Toro PA
William PalkoRRAugust 11, 19436'0"185Cleveland, OH US
Joe PanellaLLOctober 2, 19405'11"185Oakland, CA US
Fred RiveroRR6'2"185
Sammie RobinsonRR6'0"170
Bob RombachRR6'0"188
Martin RuckRRJanuary 26, 19446'0"185
Oliverio SparksRROctober 3, 19445'10"180
Chris TarantoLLOctober 12, 19426'0"193Biloxi, MS US
Kent ThaxtonRL6'1"190
Frank ThomasRRAugust 22, 19446'4"200
Kevin TorpeyRR6'3"185
Thomas TuckerRR6'2"190
Robert WalenczykLR6'2"185
Charles WardenRRApril 10, 19446'1"190
Charles MurrayLRSeptember 8, 19436'0"175
Edward MelloLLSeptember 9, 19446'1"195
Bobby BlackRRNovember 6, 19436'3"180
Jerome BrownRR6'2"220
William CanningLL6'1"190
Gaynor CawleySLJune 19, 19426'0"175
Chuck ChurnRRFebruary 1, 19306'3"205Bridgetown, VA US
Jay DahlSLDecember 6, 19455'10"183San Bernardino, CA US
Ramon De La CruzRR5'11"166
Jerry EllisSRDecember 25, 19396'0"180
Raymond FerrandRRJune 4, 19435'10"170
Joseph FloodRR5'11"168
Alan GoldfieldRLJuly 20, 19435'11"168Brooklyn, NY US
William GoodletLL6'4"205
James GreenLR5'11"185
Larry HowardRRJune 6, 19456'3"200Columbus, OH US
Jimmy MarrujoRRAugust 27, 19435'11"180Claremore, OK US
Dennis WillettRR5'11"170

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