1949 Mount Airy Graniteers Roster

Blue Ridge League (BRL) - Class: D
Team Record: 68-58
1st in the BRL
Manager: Francis Essic (0-0), Phil Lundeen (0-0), Okey Flowers (0-0), William Treece (0-0)
Location: Mount Airy, North Carolina
Ballpark: Reddick Field
Attendance: 36,230, Avg. 575
1949 Mount Airy Graniteers Statistics

Playoffs - Wytheville Statesmen 4 games, Mount Airy Graniteers 2

The Mount Airy Graniteers of the Blue Ridge League ended the 1949 season with a record of 68 wins and 58 losses, first in the BRL.

Francis Essic, Phil Lundeen, Okey Flowers and William Treece served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Carl WrayR5'11"
Okey FlowersRRJune 29, 19195'10"160Weirton, WV US
Francis EssicRMay 29, 19255'11"
Robert Davis
John EgglestonRR6'0"180
Jefferson DavisLR6'3"10
Sam CrissmanRR5'8"155
Herman Bryson
Mike BrelichRAugust 13, 19135'9"180
Paul BeaneR5'10"165
Charles HallR6'2"190
William HaynesRR5'11"160
William TreeceLRMarch 17, 19225'10"185
Frank SoltersRR6'2"170
John Nixon
Carlos Mills
Pete MarshallRApril 24, 19286'2"190Guilford County, NC US
Edward KairisLDecember 15, 19235'8"160Scranton, PA US
Ben Hunnicutt
Charles HopeL6'4"190
Jasper HoltL6'1"195
George HolmesRRJune 20, 19295'8"170Mount Airy, NC US
William AkinsR6'0"195

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