2021 Mariners Roster

Arizona Complex League (AZCL) - Class: R
Team Record: 39-18
1st in the AZCL's West Division
Manager: Austin Knight (40-18)
Affiliation: Seattle Mariners
Location: Peoria, Arizona
Ballpark: Peoria Sports Complex
Attendance: 1, Avg. 0
2021 Mariners Statistics

The Mariners of the Arizona Complex League ended the 2021 season with a record of 39 wins and 18 losses, first in the league's West Division.

The Mariners scored 315 runs and conceded 238 runs. Raul Alcantara topped the team with 8 wins and a team-best 3.12 earned run average, tops among pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Members of the 2021 Mariners who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Andres Munoz, Diego Castillo and Matthew Festa.

Austin Knight served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charlie WelchRRFebruary 8, 20006'1"210
Gunn OmosakoRRMay 12, 20016'4"190Sao Paolo, BR
Andres MunozRRJanuary 16, 19996'2"165Los Mochis, MX
David MorilloRRSeptember 26, 20016'2"168Maracaibo, VE
Michael MoralesRRAugust 13, 20026'2"205
Andrew MooreLRAugust 11, 19996'5"205
Abdiel MedinaRRJanuary 20, 20025'11"155Aguadulce, PA
Michael LimoncelliLRMay 30, 20006'2"185
Anthony LepreRRMay 29, 19975'10"195Mission Hills, CA US
Holden LawsLLDecember 8, 19996'2"166Durham, NC US
Jimmy JoyceRRJanuary 13, 19996'2"197
Eric JonesRRMarch 20, 19966'0"193Jacksonville, FL US
Spencer PackardLROctober 12, 19976'1"205
James ParkerRRMarch 26, 20006'1"200
Franklin Van GurpRROctober 26, 19956'1"225Philipsburg, US
Blake TownsendLLApril 5, 20016'4"220Traralgon, AU
Anthony TomczakRROctober 17, 20006'2"200Boca Raton, FL US
Andy ThomasLRJune 17, 19986'3"210
Yeury TatizRRNovember 22, 20006'3"175Montecristi, DO
Liam SabinoRRMay 1, 19966'0"205New York, NY US
Corey RosierLRSeptember 7, 19995'10"184
Ben RamirezLRDecember 2, 19986'3"195
Wilton PerezRRMarch 7, 20026'3"171San Juan de la Maguana, DO
Miguel PerezRRAugust 21, 20006'2"170Santo Domingo, DO
Milkar PerezRROctober 16, 20015'11"173Leon, NI
Chris JeffersonLRJanuary 24, 19976'2"205
Joseph HernandezRRJune 15, 20005'11"150Cotui, DO
Arturo GuerreroRRSeptember 21, 20006'3"165Santo Domingo, DO
Jose CaballeroRRAugust 30, 19965'10"185Panama, PA
Juan BurgosRRDecember 22, 19996'0"155Santiago, DO
A. J. BumpassLRMay 30, 19966'3"195Rougemont, NC US
Asdrubal BuenoRRNovember 25, 20015'11"170Coro, VE
Randy BednarRLNovember 30, 19985'11"180
Freuddy BatistaRRDecember 12, 19996'0"182Santo Domingo, DO
Cole BarrRRMay 23, 19985'11"191
Luis BaezRRFebruary 6, 20016'3"165San Jose de Ocoa, DO
Edwin ArroyoSRAugust 25, 20036'0"175
Amador AriasRRAugust 25, 20005'11"143Maracay, VE
Peyton AlfordLLAugust 15, 19976'0"185
Diego CastilloRRJanuary 18, 19946'3"250Cabrera, DO
Danny ChangLLFebruary 11, 20006'3"176Kaohsiung City, TW
Junior GonzalezRRMay 10, 20005'11"186San Francisco de Macoris, DO
Natanael GarabitosRRAugust 4, 20006'0"185Bani, DO
Harry FordRRFebruary 21, 20035'10"200
William FlemingRRMarch 6, 19996'6"215
Nate FisherLLMay 28, 19966'1"205Omaha, NE US
Matthew FestaRRMarch 11, 19936'2"195Staten Island, NY US
Tyler DriverRRFebruary 4, 20016'2"185Pensacola, FL US
Julio DiloneLRMarch 23, 20006'1"196
Colin DavisRRFebruary 8, 19996'1"190
Jonatan ClaseLRMay 23, 20025'8"150Santo Domingo, DO
Luis ChevalierSRJanuary 18, 20025'11"160Santo Domingo, DO
Raul AlcantaraLLJanuary 22, 20016'0"167Santo Domingo, DO

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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