1892 Menominee Roster

Michigan-Wisconsin League (MML)
Team Record: 44-40
Finished 2nd in the MML
Manager: William Lucas (44-40)
Location: Menominee, Michigan

1892 Menominee Statistics

The Menominee of the Michigan-Wisconsin League ended the 1892 season with a record of 44 wins and 40 losses, finishing second in the MML.

William Lucas served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Edward Berchtold
Fred BettsLLSeptember 15, 18685'7"155St. Louis, MO US
Mike BirminghamOctober 28, 1865Janesville Rock, WI US
Daniel Boland
Harry BurrellLMay 26, 18675'7"160Bethel, VT US
Fred DixonJuly 12, 1871
H. Donahue
Michael Hobright
Youngy JohnsonRJuly 22, 1873San Francisco, CA US
Joe KatzMarch 3, 1866
T. E. Mack
Ed MayerAugust 16, 18655'8"155Marshall, IL US
Willie McGillLNovember 10, 18735'6"170Atlanta, GA US
Frank PearsRAugust 30, 18665'9"145Louisville, KY US
Ed SewardRJune 29, 18675'7"175Cleveland, OH US
Andy SommersRROctober 26, 18655'11"181Cleveland, OH US
Wally Taylor5'11"175Covington, KY US
Harry TrubyRMay 12, 18685'11"185Kittanning, PA US
Dick Van ZantNovember 0, 18645'10"175Richmond, IN US
P. J. Vogel
Jack WentzRRMarch 4, 18635'10"175Louisville, KY US
John WhalenRR6'5"240

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