1888 Minneapolis Millers Roster

Western Association (WA) - Class: A
Team Record: 28-52
in the WA
Manager: Albert Gooding (0-0), Dave Rowe (0-0)
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ballpark: Unknown

1888 Minneapolis Millers Statistics

The Minneapolis Millers of the Western Association ended the 1888 season with a record of 28 wins and 52 lossesMinneapolis played its last game August 18, selling its franchise to Davenport, which also had a team in the Central Inter-State League. Davenport played its first game August 25.

Albert Gooding and Dave Rowe served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bob AllenRRJuly 10, 18675'11"175Marion, OH US
A. J. Nicholson
Charlie ParsonsLLJuly 18, 18635'10"160Cherry Flats, PA US
Owen PattonAugust 15, 1859County Mayo, Mayo IE
Myers Robinson
Dave RoweRROctober 9, 18545'9"180Harrisburg, PA US
Taylor ShaferLRJuly 13, 18665'7"155Philadelphia, PA US
John Shaw
Frank Small
John SowdersRLDecember 10, 18666'0"150Louisville, KY US
Patsy TebeauRRDecember 5, 18645'8"163St. Louis, MO US
Joe WalshNovember 5, 18645'6"150Chicago, IL US
Podge WeiheRRNovember 13, 18625'11"175Cincinnati, OH US
Peter Nash
Thomas McCallum
Frank MarchApril 29, 1868
Varney AndersonRRJune 18, 18665'10"165Geneva, IL US
Timothy Brosnan
Cal BroughtonRRDecember 28, 18605'10"180Magnolia, WI US
Tod BrynanRRJuly 30, 18635'10"156Philadelphia, PA US
Pete GalliganJanuary 20, 1860Chicago, IL US
Frank GravesRRNovember 2, 18606'0"163Cincinnati, OH US
Charlie HallstromJanuary 22, 1863Jonkoping, SE
Bill HawesRRNovember 17, 18535'10"155Nashua, NH US
Fred JevneChicago, IL US
Rudy KemmlerRRJanuary 0, 18605'11"206Chicago, IL US
Gus KlopfR5'8"165Milwaukee, WI US
Bill KriegRRJanuary 29, 18595'8"180Petersburg, IL US
Michael Lynch
George WinkelmanLLFebruary 18, 18655'9"140Washington, DC US

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