1928 Montreal Royals Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 84-84
5th in the IL
Manager: George Stallings (0-0), Ed Holly (0-0)
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ballpark: Delorimier Stadium
Attendance: 214,057, Avg. 2,548
1928 Montreal Royals Statistics

The Montreal Royals of the International League ended the 1928 season with a record of 84 wins and 84 losses, fifth in the IL.

George Stallings and Ed Holly served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Hank SchreiberRRJuly 12, 18915'11"165Cleveland, OH US
Pete Radwan
Jim O'NeillRRFebruary 23, 18935'10"165Minooka, PA US
William O'Hara
Chet NicholsRRJuly 3, 18975'11"160Woonsocket, RI US
Eddie MurphyLROctober 2, 18915'9"155Hancock, NY US
Don Miller
Bill McCarrenRRNovember 4, 18955'11"170Fortenia, PA US
Jimmy LystonSRJanuary 18, 19035'11"160Baltimore, MD US
Joe ShannonRRFebruary 11, 18975'11"170Jersey City, NJ US
Bob ShawkeyRRDecember 4, 18905'11"168Sigel, PA US
Elroy Vick
Billy UrbanskiRRJune 5, 19035'8"165Linoleumville, NY US
George TiceLLSeptember 8, 19015'11"155
Hank ThormahlenLLJuly 5, 18966'0"180Jersey City, NJ US
Bud StapletonJune 30, 1900Bridgeport, CT US
Rufus SmithRLJanuary 24, 19055'8"165Guilford College, NC US
Red SmithRRMay 18, 19045'10"185Brokaw, WI US
Roy Sherrid
Edgar LePardMay 3, 1896
Joseph Hyde
Joe FaberRR
Frank DunaganRR
George Driscoll
Bill DiehlRRNovember 13, 19035'9"168Philadelphia, PA US
Tom DalyRRDecember 12, 18915'11"171St. John, NB CA
Edward ConleyRRSeptember 28, 19045'8"165
Roy BuckalewRRJune 4, 18995'11"180
Walter BeallRRJuly 29, 18995'10"178Washington, DC US
Seymour BaileyLLApril 13, 18936'1"195
Chet FalkLLMay 15, 19056'2"170Austin, TX US
Edward FarberOctober 12, 1902
Paul HopkinsRRSeptember 25, 19046'0"175Chester, CT US
Red HoltLLJuly 25, 18945'11"175Dayton, TN US
Benny HelgethSRNovember 15, 19015'8"153Chicago, IL US
Hinkey HainesRRDecember 23, 18985'10"170Red Lion, PA US
Tom GulleyLRDecember 25, 18995'11"178Garner, NC US
Bob Grody
Aldrik GaudetteLRJune 9, 19035'7"175
Boob FowlerLRNovember 11, 19005'11"180Waco, TX US
Chick FewsterRRNovember 10, 18965'11"160Baltimore, MD US

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