1949 Miami Sun Sox Roster

Florida International League (FIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 87-62
2nd in the FIL
Manager: Pepper Martin (0-0), William Cates (0-0)
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers
Location: Miami, Florida
Ballpark: Miami Field
Attendance: 170,466, Avg. 2,288
1949 Miami Sun Sox Statistics

Playoffs - Tampa Smokers 3 games, Miami Sun Sox 1

The Miami Sun Sox of the Florida International League ended the 1949 season with a record of 87 wins and 62 losses, second in the FIL.

Pepper Martin and William Cates served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Hector AragoR6'1"194
Robert MoremR6'0"180
Mel NeeRR6'0"180
Charles PipherRR6'1"188
Hyman ProskR5'10"165
Ramiro RamirezR5'9"185
Chico RodriguezR5'10"165
Augie RosaLFebruary 18, 19245'7"150Avella, PA US
Arturo SeijasRR5'7"155
Edward ShermanRR6'0"190
Rene SolisRRJuly 23, 19255'11"170Victoria de las Tunas, Oriente CU
Pete StammenL5'11"165
Bill StantonRRMay 1, 19216'1"185
Robert TrippRR6'2"190
Armando ValdesR5'11"180
Jay Ver CrouseRRDecember 19, 19276'5"185
Gale WadeLRJanuary 20, 19296'1"185Hollister, MO US
John WalkerL5'8"165
Charles MooreR6'0"160
Juan Monge
Mickey MihalikRR5'11"175
George BostonR6'1"190
Barney BridgersRRAugust 5, 19215'6"145Los Angeles, CA US
Frank BrownS6'0"175
Billy DardenRRJuly 27, 19266'4"190
Henry DlugokeckiLL6'0"185
William GlaneLLOctober 1, 19275'7"160Detroit, MI US
Earl GrayLL6'0"180
Bill HardyRAugust 14, 19286'0"194Miami, FL US
Dick HavilandRRFebruary 17, 19256'0"185Lansing, MI US
Ray HendersonR5'11"180
Robert HoughtonRR6'0"175
Hubie JeandronRMarch 18, 19236'0"170
William JekielekR5'11"180
Chris KitsosSRFebruary 11, 19285'9"165New York, NY US
Si LambertLLDecember 15, 19266'6"168Jackson, OH US
Vicente LopezRRSeptember 24, 19285'11"160La Habana, La Habana CU
Pepper MartinRRFebruary 29, 19045'8"170Temple, OK US
Charles WillisRRAugust 27, 19286'2"190Donalsonville, GA US

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